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Plaguers (2010)

January. 15,2010
| Horror Science Fiction

When an alien contagion is released aboard a spaceship transforming its victims into demonic flesh-eaters, the crew must either destroy the infected or join them.


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Michael Ledo

The Pandora, a spaceship carrying an alien power source diverts from its course back to Earth to answer a distress call from the Diana, filled with four beautiful women who are in reality killer pirates. Their plan to take over the Pandora gets side tracked when they accidentally hit the power source which causes a zombie-like mutation.The film opens with a teaser that comes very late into the film. The acting and dialogue are in the "need improvement" category. The action mostly takes place on the space craft set. The monster acting was also bad.Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. Lame cat fight.


Is there a number below 1? Can a plot ever be as shallow as the one I just saw? I have only myself to blame....other reviewers warned me! Can one use anymore rubber as used on these monsters/zombies/whatever? Is it still possible for actors to be that bad in a 2008 Sci-Fi movie? The women's clothing were throw-aways from the very first Star Trek! Every place they ran...they came to the same corner of the set! Can you be reading this and actually decide to watch and have your eyes burned out and your mind seared forever?Last warning....the entire film was made in a three room stage.I'm melting....melting...what a world...what a worllllld...(Poof)


...burned and then burned again. Any remnants of this movie should be wiped off the face of the earth. If I could use the word crap over and over and get it posted, I'd do that. Instead, I have to write something explaining my position (bent over toilet vomiting) on why this flick blew chunks. Well, how about every conceivable gaffe in film making is represented in this movie. If you wanted to use this debacle as an example in a freshman film making class of what NOT to do when attempting to make your first movie...this would work just fine. It violates the senses of anyone unfortunate enough to watch this poorly made stink bomb. Move over "Ed Wood and One Shot Beaudine," there's another really bad film guy on the lot.

john cole

I only watched this movie because I seen this "Won "Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Feature" at the 2008 Mid-Ohio-Con Film Festival in Columbus, Ohio.". I now know never to watch anything that wins awards at that festival because this movie was atrocious and that's putting it polity.The special effects were something even a Commodore Amiga from the mid 1980s could better and the acting was appalling.You will also notice parts of this film have taken idea's from other films like Alien.The only good thing I can say about this movie is the eye candy but are you that desperate, that's the question?