Late Show with David Letterman Season 4

September. 02,1996
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Late Show with David Letterman is an American late-night talk show hosted by David Letterman on CBS. The show debuted on August 30, 1993, and is produced by Letterman's production company, Worldwide Pants Incorporated and CBS Television Studios. The show's music director and band-leader of the house band, the CBS Orchestra, is Paul Shaffer. The head writer is Matt Roberts and the announcer is Alan Kalter. Of the major U.S. late-night programs, Late Show ranks second in cumulative average viewers over time and third in number of episodes over time. The show leads other late night shows in ad revenue with $271 million in 2009. In most U.S. markets the show airs at 11:35 p.m. Eastern/Pacific time, but is recorded Monday through Wednesday at 4:30 p.m., and Thursdays at 3:30 p.m and 6:00 p.m. The second Thursday episode usually airs on Friday of that week. In 2002, Late Show with David Letterman was ranked No. 7 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. CBS has a contract with Worldwide Pants to continue the show through 2014; by then, Letterman will surpass Johnny Carson as the longest tenured late-night talk show host.


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Late Show with David Letterman Season 4 Full Episode Guide

Episode 213 - Stupid Human Tricks, Danny Aiello, Radiohead
First Aired: August. 29,1997

Warren is run over by a car; during ""Stupid Human Tricks,"" Douglas Pierce plays the ""Jeopardy"" theme on his hands; Dave bids a fond farewell to head writer Bill Scheft.

Episode 212 - Tom Arnold, Mehgan Heany-Grear, Dane Cook
First Aired: August. 28,1997

Dave complains about the dog days of summer.

Episode 211 - Laurence Fishburne, Jonathan Katz, Paula Cole
First Aired: August. 27,1997

Tonight's Top Ten is interrupted by a phone call from the home office in Wahoo, Nebraska: ""It's not all that funny anymore."" Meanwhile, Biff wreaks havoc in Martha's Vineyard.

Episode 210 - Paul Reiser, Tia Carrera, Echo & the Bunnymen
First Aired: August. 26,1997

Episode 209 - Vanessa Williams, Joe Montana
First Aired: August. 25,1997

Dave announces that he is starring in the ""Late Show of Passion,"" which is just like the Late Show, except that it's dubbed so it looks like a telenovela. Later, Dave and Joe Montana throw footballs at a garbage truck.

Episode 208 - Alicia Silverstone, Bev Tanner, George Miller
First Aired: August. 22,1997

Alicia Silverstone promotes her new movie Excess Baggage.

Episode 207 - Donald Trump, Janine Turner, Ruth Brown & Bonnie Raitt
First Aired: August. 21,1997

""The Donald"" talks about a recent boat trip. Later, Janine Turner promotes ""Leave It To Beaver.""

Episode 206 - Mira Sorvino, Jeff Altman, Coolio
First Aired: August. 20,1997

Dave compares President Clinton's 51st birthday to meatloaf. Later, he chats with his old friend Jeff Altman.

Episode 205 - Barbara Walters, Charles Dutton, Morrissey
First Aired: August. 19,1997

Barbara Walters promotes her new talk show, ""The View.""

Episode 204 - Tom Selleck, Billy Joel
First Aired: August. 18,1997

Dave feeds Tom Selleck some avocados. Later, they make a crank phone call to Al Roker.

Episode 203 - Demi Moore, Jay Mohr, Aerosmith
First Aired: August. 08,1997

The new sitcom ""The Letterman Family"" is promoted, starring Dave, Tony Randall, and Nadine Hennally. Later, Demi Moore shaves an audience member's head.

Episode 202 - Sylvester Stallone, Tommy LaSorda
First Aired: August. 07,1997

Joe Perry of Aerosmith sits in with the band; Biff reports from the Garth Brooks concert in Central Park and meets ""Garth"" himself (Leonard Tepper).

Episode 201 - Jay Thomas, Annabella Sciorra, Tonic
First Aired: August. 06,1997

Jay Thomas shows Dave a tape of himself spitting out something during a recent television appearance. The footage is repeated several times.

Episode 200 - Ray Liotta, David Brenner, Natalie Desselle
First Aired: August. 05,1997

Deliberately-obvious stunt doubles pose as Dave and Paul showing off their bike skills, while Dave carves a sculpture of Paul made from butter; a man claiming to be Garth Brooks is interrogated on ""The Biff Henderson Celebrity Telephone Interview.""

Episode 199 - Bob Dole, Bill Bellamy, Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers
First Aired: August. 04,1997

Dave presents a Wall Street quiz; Bob Dole talks about retirement.

Episode 198 - Tony Danza, Michael Rapaport
First Aired: August. 01,1997

Dave shows some ""Surprising Facts About Celebrities."" Later, Tony Danza promotes his new sitcom.

Episode 197 - Julia Roberts, Blues Traveler
First Aired: July. 31,1997

John Popper sits in with the band; Dave asks a paramedic about a piece of carrot he ""horked"" into his left lung during lunch today; Julia Roberts promotes Conspiracy Theory.

Episode 196 - Charles Grodin, Billy Connolly, David Byrne
First Aired: July. 30,1997

Dave congratulates Rob Burnett upon the birth of his daughter; a ""What's On Other Channels"" bit is interrupted by a car honking, courtesy of Creepy Dave; David Byrne performs ""Daddy Go Down.""

Episode 195 - Norm MacDonald, Phylicia Rashad, Jamiroquai
First Aired: July. 29,1997

Dave gets four galpals from West Virginia to go on a tour of the city with Biff; Physilla Rashad promotes her sitcom Cosby; Jamiroquai performs the #1 hit ""Virtual Insanity.""

Episode 194 - Jennifer Anniston, Brian Regan, William H. Macy
First Aired: July. 28,1997

It's so hot outside that Biff tries to start a fire on the sidewalk with a magnifying glass and a bundle of sticks, as members from New York's Fire Department stand by; Rupert and Leonard bother people per Dave's requests; Jennifer Aniston promotes Picture Perfect.

Episode 193 - Samuel L. Jackson, Barry Sonnenfeld
First Aired: July. 25,1997

During ""CBS Mailbag,"" we look into a day in the life of a ""Accident-Prone Blood-Gorged Tick"" (Leonard Tepper).

Episode 192 - Dan Rather, Kathy Griffin, k.d. Lang
First Aired: July. 24,1997

The Harrison Ford World Tour (in which he's promoting The Devil's Own) makes a stop in Paris, France; Dave suggests the Paul legally change his name to ""Radu""; CBS anchorman/folkie at heart Dan Rather sings ""The Wabash Cannonball.""

Episode 191 - John Turturro, Kathy Kinney, Radish
First Aired: July. 23,1997

Harrison Ford reports from Hawaii; in the debut edition of ""Pointless Celebrity Cameo Theater,"" Calvert, Regis, and Tony Randall stand around like goons while the audience cheers them on; Radish (a band fronted by an early Ben Kweller) perform ""Little Pink Stars.""

Episode 190 - Kids Tell Jokes, Mario Andretti, John Hiatt
First Aired: July. 22,1997

It's time once again for ""King of the Meats,"" the mano-a-mano kosher competition between Rupert of Hello Deli and Amando Vasquez of the nearby Stage Deli. Amando sweeps the three rounds, but Rupert goes home with the ladies.

Episode 189 - Pauly Shore, Leslie Mann, Puff Daddy
First Aired: July. 21,1997

Dave congratulates Paul on being #6 on the Forbes 500; Biff and Eric Kaplan explain how they make Dave's coffee mug levitate; Sean ""Puff Daddy"" Combs, Faith Evans, and 112 perform ""It's All About the Benjamins.""

Episode 188 - Robert Pastorelli, Craig Kilborn, Live
First Aired: July. 18,1997

Episode 187 - Nathan Lane, Robey Morgan, Third Eye Blind
First Aired: July. 17,1997

Dave begins a month-long campaign to run into the ground his current favorite phrase: ""Something from the meat case, Linda?"" Also, Dave, Tony Randall, and a dozen or so triple-named child actors star in CBS' hot new situation comedy ""The Letterman Family.""

Episode 186 - Mary Tyler Moore, Querbe Tirmizi, Matchbox 20
First Aired: July. 16,1997

Dave interviews NYC taxi driver Querbe Tirmizi, who returned $30,000 he found in his cab.

Episode 185 - Tim Robbins, Jackie Chan, Shawn Colvin
First Aired: July. 15,1997

It's a balmy 97 degrees outside, so Biff fries an egg on the sidewalk, later adding bacon and toast.

Episode 184 - Don Rickles, Brendan Fraser, En Vogue
First Aired: July. 14,1997

Dave shows off his new, shorter haircut; an audience member sings the theme song from Grease; Tim Allen presents the Top Ten.

Episode 183 - Martin Short, Manny the Hippie, Fang Fang
First Aired: July. 04,1997

Pro bowler Nelson Burton, Jr. sits in; during Mailbag, Tom Arnold bits his own ear off; Manny the Hippie resurfaces; for the second year in a row, Dave sends audience members from San Francisco to the Empire State Building to display the US flag.

Episode 182 - Evander Holyfield, Lee Marek, Sarah Silverman
First Aired: July. 03,1997

Dave talks about the a new unauthorized autobiography of Martha Stewart; tonight's guest bowler is Hall of Famer Carmen Salvino; Dave appears in a 50's-style cigarette ad; Evander Holyfield gives Dave his account of the incident that occurred in his fight last weekend with Mike Tyson.

Episode 181 - Tom Arnold, Mitchell Libonati, Blur
First Aired: July. 02,1997

During the ""Supermarket Finds"" segment, Dave takes a sample of something called ""White Fungus"" and spits it out; another bowling great (Marshall Holman) sits in with the band on tambourine; Dave chats with Mitchell Libonati, the man who found the piece of Evander Holyfield's ear that was chewed off in the infamous boxing match that previous weekend; Blur performs ""Song 2.""

Episode 180 - Jason Priestly, Patricia Richardson, The Cicadas
First Aired: July. 01,1997

Dave gets two girls at a nearby cafe to help celebrate Canada Day with Canada Dry®, which gets delivered by a Mountie; to continue a running gag started the previous night, bowler Johnny Petraglia sits in; various staffers describe clips from America's Funniest Home Videos.

Episode 179 - Will Smith, Heidi Klum, Brad Byers
First Aired: June. 30,1997

Bowling great Dick Weber sits in with the band; Calvert kicks someone in the nether regions for the shear fun of it; Dave and Paul trade faces.

Episode 178 - Martin Lawrence, Robert Zemeckis, Sarah McLachlan
First Aired: June. 27,1997

Dave declares a guy named Jeff as ""Captain of the Audience,"" helping the host out with menial tasks such as helping present the Top Ten and keeping the audience awake. Also, film director Robert Zemeckis makes a rare television appearance, promoting his new movie Contact.

Episode 177 - Brian Williams, Diane Cannon, Gil Shaham
First Aired: June. 26,1997

A flying saucer heckles Dave from the backdrop, while Dyan Cannon promotes Out to Sea and makes friendly with Dave.

Episode 176 - Peter Fonda, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Ricki Lee Jones
First Aired: June. 25,1997

It's 91 degrees outside, so Biff decides to watch ice melt on the street.

Episode 175 - Nick Turturro, Daisy Fuentes, Motley Crue
First Aired: June. 24,1997

The outside cam heads to Joe G's looking for a guy to write a theme song for, where they stumble across Brian and his girlfriend. Also, Dave takes the audience outside to watch Motley Crue perform on the sidewalk.

Episode 174 - Marilu Henner, Doug E. Doug, Johnny Lang
First Aired: June. 23,1997

Anton is introduced as ""Anton Zip""; Dave shows the audience a chart of who's permitted to be on the show and who isn't; in tonight's remote, Dave goes to a private school in Manhattan to chat with child prodigies.

Episode 173 - Siskel & Ebert, Dermot Mulroney, King Charles Troupe
First Aired: June. 20,1997

""Riverdancers"" Gerry Mulligan, Mike McIntee, Eric Kaplan, and Jim Peterson amaze and delight the studio audience and the home viewers in response to a letter in the CBS Mailbag.

Episode 172 - Julia Roberts, Jon Bon Jovi
First Aired: June. 19,1997

Julia Roberts is treated to a clip of her first appearance on Letterman from 1990, only to watch the clip blackened out by NBC. Also, Jon Bon Jovi performs ""Janie, Don't Take Your Love to Town.""

Episode 171 - Matt Lauer, Ruthie Bolton-Holifield, Mighty Mighty Bosstones
First Aired: June. 18,1997

Dave gives an audience woman a ham just for being Polish; several members of the cast of Cats go inside FlashDancers; Alan Kalter promotes ""Late Show: The Game""; The Mighty Mighty Bosstones perform ""The Impression That I Get.""

Episode 170 - Kathy Ireland, Jeremy Holz, Michael Story
First Aired: June. 17,1997

A new challenge: ""Who Can Hail a Cab First""- a pantsless Mets fan or a pantless Yankees fan? For once, the Mets win the big one.

Episode 169 - George Carlin, Nick Chinlund, James Taylor
First Aired: June. 16,1997

Paul is introduced as ""Radu,"" then shows Dave a Happy Meal toy that looks just like him. Also, Dave hides in an apartment, harassing delivery people as they come and go.

Episode 168 - John Travolta, Grant Hill, Sinead O'Connor
First Aired: June. 13,1997

Mailbag: ""Farrah Fawcett"" (Calvert) explains her behavior from last week. Also, Kenny ""The Quick-Witted Stagehand"" Sheehan makes his 1000th TV appearance, which is followed by footage of his (bogus) television debut on Ed Sullivan in 1964.

Episode 167 - Tom Brokaw, Janeane Garafolo, Sheryl Crow
First Aired: June. 12,1997

Tom Brokaw explains why he turned down an offer to leave NBC for CNN: ""Same as you with CBS: more money, smaller audience."" Also, Sheryl Crow performs ""A Change (Will Do You Good).""

Episode 166 - Jon Stewart, Susan Molinari, Seven Mary Three
First Aired: June. 11,1997

Dave turns the hose on pedestrians outside the theater; Jaleel ""Urkel"" White helps ""Les Moonves"" promote CBS' fall lineup; Seven Mary Three performs ""Lucky.""

Episode 165 - Isabella Rossellini, Dave Chapelle, Bono & Larry Mullen
First Aired: June. 10,1997

Dave shows an altered clip of President Clinton admitting his dislike for cloning, and later Dave is once again visited by ""the lovely Is-a-bella Ros-sell-ini.""

Episode 164 - Harrison Ford, Steven Wright, Dave Matthews Band
First Aired: June. 09,1997

Biff reports from the NBA Finals in Salt Lake City; Dave makes his usual joke about buying his first car at Harrison Ford in Indiana; Dave Matthews Band performs ""Too Much.""

Episode 163 - Farrah Fawcett, John Fogerty
First Aired: June. 06,1997

Promoting an upcoming TV special, Farrah Fawcett walks out in a boozy daze, complimenting Dave for the view of the skyline when it's really a backdrop, then crawls around and makes animal noises. At the end of the show, Dave thanks Farrah for ""almost being here tonight.""

Episode 162 - Alicia Silverstone, Andy Dick, John Fogerty
First Aired: June. 05,1997

Episode 161 - Bill Cosby, Elaine Cunningham, Squirrel Nut Zippers
First Aired: June. 04,1997

The squash family is represented tonight by a visit from Elaine Cunningham, ""The Zucchini Lady""; Bill Cosby talks about his various medications.

Episode 160 - Michael Richards, Rick Reynolds, Steve Winwood
First Aired: June. 03,1997

Customer Bob Barrett from Joe's Pizza is invited into the theater to act in the monster movie spectacular ""Ghost Dinosaur '97,"" co-starring Mujibur and Sirajul as ""Dinosaur #1"" and ""Dinosaur #2.""

Episode 159 - Elle MacPherson, Vince Vaughn, Jewel
First Aired: June. 02,1997

Remote on the 14th Floor: Late Show staffers Eric Stangel, Matt Roberts, Bob Borden, Rodney Munoz, Christian Breheney, and Eric Kaplan relate their Prom Nightmares while eating in the coffee room, with dramatizations that include Rupert Jee and Richard Simmons.

Episode 158 - Jason Alexander, Griffin Dunne, Sammy Hagar
First Aired: May. 23,1997

Mailbag: a horrific freak accident turns Rupert into the mysterious ""Dr. Meat."" Also, Jason Alexander promotes Love! Valour! Compassion!

Episode 157 - Matthew Broderick, Nicole Sullivan, Savion Glover & Stomp
First Aired: May. 22,1997

""Steven Spielberg"" (Gerard) brags out his new movie The Lost World, while Savion Glover performs a tap dance solo from the hit musical ""Stomp.""

Episode 156 - Richard Simmons, Kelly Preston, Toad the Wet Sprocket
First Aired: May. 21,1997

It's time yet again for ""What They Would Have for Lunch if They Were Alive Today"" with Biff Henderson. The celebrity: Dean Martin. The lunch: mac n' cheese.

Episode 155 - Barbara Walters, Ida Doggett, God's Property with Kirk Franklin
First Aired: May. 20,1997

After showing past clips of disastrous attempts at stuffing guys in rabbit outfits inside various locales, Dave announces that it's time to play ""How Many Sailors Can Get into a New York City Chicken Restaurant?"" With the nearby Ranch 1 offering their services, a whopping 68 sailors walk in without a problem. Also, Dave chats with Ida Doggett, 1997 world bed-making champion.

Episode 154 - Meg Ryan, Lance Henriksen, Mary Chapin-Carpenter
First Aired: May. 19,1997

Biff brings out a Billy goat that supposedly won the Kentucky Derby last weekend; Dave leaves the show to play for the New York Yankees, then goes on a half-hearted tirade when he's cut by the team; ""Leonard Tepper's Mile-High Hidden Video"" observes unsuspecting tourists at the World Trade Center.

Episode 153 - Stupid Pet Tricks, Jeff Goldblum, Foo Fighters
First Aired: May. 16,1997

With tonight's audience representing Denver, Colorado, Dave interrupts the monologue to introduce an audience guy who ends up proposing to his girlfriend. Later in the show, Jeff Goldblum gives the happy couple a blender.

Episode 152 - Helen Hunt, Susie Maroney, Jeffery Tambor
First Aired: May. 15,1997

Late Show airs its second and last installment of Peanuts, as Lucy once again foils Charlie Brown's attempt to kick a football: ""Never mess around with a gangsta bitch.""

Episode 151 - David Hyde Pierce, Dana Delany, Spice Girls
First Aired: May. 14,1997

In honor of Late Show's 800th episode, Dave introduces ""Where Are They Now?"" pieces describing the whereabouts of Bernie Kopell, Howie Mandel, Olivia Newton-John, and Bill Clinton. Also, the Spice Girls perform ""Who Do You Think You Are.""

Episode 150 - Andy Garcia, George Foreman, Travis Tritt
First Aired: May. 13,1997

Dancers from Riverdance make a return appearance on the show. Actually, they're staff writers Gerard Mulligan and Eric Kaplan, Leonard Tepper, and financial wiz/Dave buddy Jim Peterson. Soon after, Robin Williams walks in from Broadway in a similar toe-tappin' style.

Episode 149 - Cybil Shepard, Darrell Hammond, Linda Eder
First Aired: May. 12,1997

Tonight, Dave promises to show things that have never been on television before, including Marv Albert dancing with a giant squirrel, a gay man kissing a lesbian, and Biff playing solitaire topless. Also, Grover Washington, Jr. sits in, while Dave and Rupert do another one of their hidden-mic gags.

Episode 148 - Ricki Lake, Kirby Puckett, Soul Asylum
First Aired: May. 09,1997

With tonight's audience being from the Twin Cities, Dave makes them feel at home by having a faux snow fall in the theater. Also, the Top Ten home office is temporarily relocated to nearby Edina, Minnesota (and is presented by Twins great Kirby Puckett), while Calvert takes a tour of Minneapolis.

Episode 147 - Billy Crystal, Kristen Johnson, Bee Gees
First Aired: May. 08,1997

Rupert stars in a parody of those financial-success tapes that they sell in infomercials, while Kirsten Johnston promotes the 3-D season finale of Third Rock from the Sun.

Episode 146 - Mike Myers, Danny Aiello, Crossbows of Death
First Aired: May. 07,1997

Tony Mendez does the Watusi; Biff announces that if Burt Lancaster were alive today, he would've had cream of mushroom soup and a tuna fish sandwich for lunch; stuntmen Ross and Elisa Hartzell shoot crossbow arrows at each other.

Episode 145 - John Goodman, Kathleen Quinlan, Hanson
First Aired: May. 06,1997

""How Many Guys in Bunny Suits Can Get into a Fountain?"" Only about six, as the men in costume are thrown out of Central Park by the NYPD. After the first commercial break, John Goodman lunges into the fountain. Also, Hanson performs ""MmmBop.""

Episode 144 - Bruce Willis, Elizabeth Hurley, Maxwell
First Aired: May. 05,1997

Dave dumps the show early yet again, and after searching high and low in Manhattan, Biff finally finds him demonstrating knife tricks at Benihana's.

Episode 143 - Roseanne, Justin Miller, Chuck Berry
First Aired: May. 02,1997

In honor of tonight's audience (all residents of St. Louis and its suburbs), the backdrop is altered to show the city's skyline; Dave shows live footage of the Mets/Cardinals game in progress at Shea Stadium; Roseanne arrives for her interview on a Clydesdale-driven sleigh.

Episode 142 - Garry Shandling, Luke Perry, Wendy Liebman
First Aired: May. 01,1997

Wendy Liebman discusses mammograms, while Luke Perry rappels off the side of the theater.

Episode 141 - Alec Baldwin, Joey Lauren Adams, Indigo Girls
First Aired: April. 30,1997

It's ""Awards Night"" on the Late Show, as throughout the night Biff presents Gordie Howe with the Stanley Cup, Walter Payton with the Super Bowl Trophy, Bobby Allison with the Harley J. Earle Trophy, Kareem Abdul Jabbar with the Larry O'Brien Trophy, Alec Baldwin with the World Series Trophy, and Tony Mendez with the Best Cue Card Boy Trophy. Also, Alec announces on the in-theater PA system that he's a lesbian.

Episode 140 - Robin Williams, Tanya Tucker
First Aired: April. 29,1997

Dave shows a clip from the latest Charlie Brown Special: Charlie Brown declares, ""I think I'm a lesbian."" Also, two dorky audience members help wash a cab outside the theater, then get hosed down by the NYFD.

Episode 139 - Kurt Russell, Sinbad, Paula Cole
First Aired: April. 28,1997

Rupert Jee drops by to make an important announcement: ""America, I am a lesbian."" This inspires Regis to walk over and give him a hug.

Episode 138 - Stupid Human Tricks, Rosie Perez, John Hiatt
First Aired: April. 25,1997

On a special Indianapolis-themed night on the Late Show, Dorothy interrupts a comedy bit to give Dave a hug, while Reggie Miller presents the Top Ten.

Episode 137 - Lisa Kudrow, Umberto Buccigrossi, Verve Pipe
First Aired: April. 24,1997

Biff announces that if Lyndon Johnson were alive today, he would've had a roast beef sandwich for lunch. Also, The Verve Pipe performs ""The Freshman.""

Episode 136 - Tony Randall, Steven Weber, Wilco
First Aired: April. 23,1997

Allen Toussant sits in; Dave announces that in honor of the recent media hoopla over Ellen DeGeneres, the Late Show will now be ""more gay""; Wilco performs ""Someone Else's Song.""

Episode 135 - Katie Couric, Roma Downey, INXS
First Aired: April. 22,1997

Dave finds a patron named Bob Reedy, in Joe G's Pizza to star in another fake film epic, the Anaconda spoof ""Snakequest 2000."" Quote Dave: ""For the love of god, it's a giant snake!""

Episode 134 - Martin Mull, Alicia Witt, Mary J. Blige
First Aired: April. 21,1997

Marv Albert interviews accountants, then shows a blooper real along side it; Dave notices that Tony is holding cue cards with gloves on; ""Pat Farmer's Live-Action Political Cartoon"" takes a swipe at President Clinton.

Episode 133 - Kelsey Grammar, Jake Johannsen, Tracy Chapman
First Aired: April. 11,1997

Champion weightlifter Magnus Vermagnusson lifts various objects, including Mujibur and Sirajul; Dave comments on his upcoming 50th birthday; Zhushi ""The World's Only Performing Dog"" is the latest animal to stand on stage in lieu of attempting some sort of stunt.

Episode 132 - Tom Arnold, Bernie Williams, Bush
First Aired: April. 10,1997

Episode 131 - Charles Grodin, David Alan Grier, Matthew Sweet
First Aired: April. 09,1997

In a running gag that was started two nights before (in homage to something that appeared occasionally on Late Night), Zahshu, ""The World's Only Performing Goldfish,"" develops a severe case of stage fright. At the end of the show, he is removed from his fishbowl and is placed on top of a skateboard.

Episode 130 - Norm MacDonald, Justine Bateman, Trace Adkins
First Aired: April. 08,1997

""How Many Guys in a Bunny Suit Can Get Into H&R Block?"" Only two, until both are kicked out. Right after the first commercial break, Biff then tries to get in wearing a dog suit and, despite being escorted by Bill DeLace, is also ejected. When all is said and done, Dave announces the tax company's new slogan: ""And stay out!""

Episode 129 - Anthony Clark, Joan Lunden, Eryka Badu
First Aired: April. 07,1997

Dave says he's discovered he's been combing his hair wrong, so he fidgets with it throughout the show. Also, Zahshu, the ""World's Only Performing Hippo,"" rolls over and begs.

Episode 128 - John Cusak, Liv Tyler, David Bowie
First Aired: April. 04,1997

Mailbag: a man on the street is decapitated by a giant, renegade blue card. Also, Pat Farmer introduces his new segment ""Live Action Editorial Cartoon."" Tonight's piece: ""Busting the Budget.""

Episode 127 - Jean-Claude Van Damme, Brad Garrett, Chris Fonseca
First Aired: April. 03,1997

""Colin Dunner"" (Gerard), the lead dancer in the Broadway hit ""Riverdance"" promotes his new videotape ""Riverdancin' to the Oldies."" Also, Will Lee demonstrates how to play a guitar like a piano.

Episode 126 - Dan Akroyd, David Kruithoff, Cyndi Lauper
First Aired: April. 02,1997

A man claiming to be Paul's brother Kenny sits in the audience, while amateur dentist David Kriuthoff fidgets with a special camera that can go inside the mouth.

Episode 125 - Tara Lipinsky, Margaret Colin, Nanci Griffith
First Aired: April. 01,1997

Dave calls a pay phone on Broadway, and then calls in a guy from Jersey named Rocky to tell the first ""Mets suck"" joke of the season. Also, Biff gives a pep talk to some grade-school students.

Episode 124 - Bryant Gumbel, Kadeem Hardison, Bandbaz Brothers
First Aired: March. 31,1997

Songwriter Jimmy Webb sits in, and throughout the night the band plays his songs; Dave shows a tape of Rob Burnett's daughter being scared to death by Daddy as the Easter Bunny; Dave tells a story about how he spent his Easter with Nadine Hennelly, but as usual Paul coerces him into telling the sad, awful truth.

Episode 123 - Marilu Henner, Marlon Wayans, The Cardigans
First Aired: March. 28,1997

Mailbag: Alan has an announcer sitting in with him, only to realize he's not his intern but his willing replacement. Meanwhile, Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton (live via satellite) presents the Top Ten.

Episode 122 - Teri Garr, George Stephanopolous, Amanda Marshall
First Aired: March. 27,1997

Dave announces that today is Tony Mendez' 60th birthday, even though he's only 52; Dave orders Anton to fetch him some coffee; a man-on-the-street segment dissects tonight's ""Top Ten Easter Bunny Pet Peeves.""

Episode 121 - Marv Albert, Anthony LaPaglia, Big Head Todd & the Monsters
First Aired: March. 26,1997

In honor of his birthday, former president Thomas Jefferson is seen skydiving over the city, followed shortly by William McKinley and Paul Shaffer.

Episode 120 - Mike Myers, Sophie Marceau, Alison Krauss
First Aired: March. 25,1997

Today's burning question: ""How Many Guys in Bunny Suits Can Get into a Coffee Shop?"" All 23 guys that volunteered get in, and they are later joined by a geeky audience member from Georgia, who is later carried back to the stage by the bunnies.

Episode 119 - Cindy Crawford, Robert Townsend, Chris Whitley
First Aired: March. 19,1997

The Late Show Current Events Singers take on Clinton's recent leg injury, then performs some sort of a cappella apology to Cindy Crawford.

Episode 118 - Martin Short, Larenz Tate, Kodo
First Aired: March. 18,1997

The camera fixates on a guy in the audience with a gigantic gut with DAVE written on it. Also, Martin Short does another musical number, with a final note so extended that he leaves the stage, goes to the bank, buys a sandwich at Hello Deli, picks up his dry cleaning, and returns to the theater just in time for the big climax.

Episode 117 - Howard Stern, Ray Ramano, Chieftains
First Aired: March. 17,1997

Sean Pelton sits in for Anton, while Howard Stern promotes his new movie.

Episode 116 - Ted Danson, Famke Janssen, Mitch Hedburg
First Aired: March. 07,1997

CBS Mailbag: Jerry Scales asks, ""What do viewers miss?"" Gerard Mulligan comes out in costume as ""A 50-year-old guy dressed like Zorro."" Also, The Biff Henderson Players present ""Send in the Clones.""

Episode 115 - Kids Tell Jokes, Mary Steenburgen, Ray Wold
First Aired: March. 06,1997

Bluesman Keb' Mo sits in; Dave and Paul shill a new sleeping enhancer called EclipseQuil; ""pyrotechnic madman"" Ray Wold blows up stuff and somehow avoids burning himself.

Episode 114 - Chevy Chase, Mary McCormack, Phish
First Aired: March. 05,1997

During ""Rejected Commercial Characters,"" jokes are translated for a select audience onstage from English to Japanese.

Episode 113 - Robin Quivers, Adam Arkin, James
First Aired: March. 04,1997

Dave points out that the wet snow of yesterday's ""El Blizzardo Diablo"" has already melted and/or evaporated. Also, Adam Arkin promotes the upcoming made-for-TV movie Not In This Town.

Episode 112 - Jon Stewart, Debi Mazar, Duncan Sheik
First Aired: March. 03,1997

Dave comments on ""El Blizzardo Diablo,"" a raining snowstorm that practically has New York City in a standstill. Also, Dave and Paul participate in a cutthroat battle of putdowns towards each other.

Episode 111 - Bill Pullman, Richard Lewis, Lyle Lovett & Randy Newman
First Aired: February. 28,1997

Trumpeter Al Chez sits in; the ""First Annual Biff Henderson Award"" goes to a much-serving Biff; Randy Newman and Lyle Lovett perform ""You've Got a Friend In Me.""

Episode 110 - Pauly Shore, Merrill Markoe, Celine Dion
First Aired: February. 27,1997

Dave shows outtakes of Leonard's Grammy report, and then gets thrown out of a taping of ""Wheel of Fortune"" by a security guard resembling Bill DeLace.

Episode 109 - Howard Stern, Valeria Mazza, Porno for Pyros
First Aired: February. 26,1997

Leonard Tepper is live at Madison Square Garden, annoying participants at this year's Grammy Awards. He closes the segment by calling Dave a jackass.

Episode 108 - Mia Farrow, Anne Heche, Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach
First Aired: February. 25,1997

James Cotton sits in; while pedestrians footrace against each other over on 54th and Broadway.

Episode 107 - Bill Cosby, David Hacker, Tina Turner
First Aired: February. 24,1997

On the three-year anniversary of his memorable first appearance on the Late Show, super-bowler Dick Weber rolls one strike after another out on 53rd Street. Later, he and Bill Cosby go one-on-one on the specially-built lane, with Weber decimating the sitcom star.

Episode 106 - Tony Randall, Juliette Binoche, David Brenner
First Aired: February. 21,1997

Frequent CBS Mailbag contributor Jerry Scales appears in the audience and is given a roast chicken made of Nyquil. Also, Tony Randall talks about becoming a parent for the first time.

Episode 105 - Julie Andrews, Doug E. Doug, The Amazing Jonathan
First Aired: February. 20,1997

The latest edition of ""Leonard Tepper's Hidden Video"" takes place entirely at Hello Deli, while ""Cosby"" star Doug E. Doug does standup.

Episode 104 - Michael J. Fox, Jon Voight, The Wallflowers
First Aired: February. 19,1997

Throughout the night, various civilians tell jokes about their jobs, while Dave admits that he has fallen in love with this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Episode 103 - Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames, Jeff Gordon
First Aired: February. 18,1997

The outside cam goes to Joe G's to launch production of the quickie movie ""Space Volcano""; Bruce Willis murders Mujibur and Sirajul; Demi Moore shows up with 15 dogs as a gift for Dave, and later the mutts storm the control room.

Episode 102 - Tom Brokaw, Laura Linney, BLACKstreet
First Aired: February. 17,1997

Two weeks before, NBC denied Dave permission to use clips from his old show. So tonight, Tom Brokaw arrives and offers Dave a crumpled-up videotape from Late Night with David Letterman. Also, Dave shows a faux-documentary short called ""Dave's Family Weekend"" (with Andrea as his sister and Leonard as Mr. Rogers).

Episode 101 - Sarah Ferguson, Allan Weimerskirch, Patti Smith
First Aired: February. 14,1997

Marv Albert is credited with six seperate appearances tonight, thus raising his total on the show to an even one hundred. Later, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, promotes her new cookbook.

Episode 100 - Peter O'Toole, Salma Hayek, Jazz Passengers
First Aired: February. 13,1997

Dave brags that he had an incredible Valentine's Day last year, until Paul persuades him to admit that he spent it watching TV with an amorous Leonard. Also, the Jazz Passengers (featuring Deborah Harry and Elvis Costello) perform ""Doncha Go 'Way Mad.""

Episode 99 - Richard Harris, Siskel & Ebert, Far East Circus
First Aired: February. 12,1997

Throughout the night, Biff, Pat and Kenny recreate scenes from Academy Award-nominated films, including ""The English Patient"" and ""Jerry McGuire."" The gag comes to an abrupt end when, while attempting to spoof ""Secrets and Lies,"" they can't find anybody who saw the film.

Episode 98 - Sarah Jessica Parker, Geoffrey Rush, Barry Manilow
First Aired: February. 11,1997

Dave ponders another one of his deep thoughts: ""How Long Can a Guy Spin a Revolving Door Before Somebody Stops Him?"" It takes 40 minutes and 6 seconds before security escorts the man out.

Episode 97 - Stupid Pet Tricks, Brett Butler, Fugees
First Aired: February. 10,1997

In a remote featuring Dave talking to various fan club presidents, a swordfight breaks out between the ""Cats"" and ""Star Wars"" fans. Also, Bob Borden professes his love to a disturbed Martha Stewart.

Episode 96 - Brett Favre, David Spade, Silverchair
First Aired: February. 07,1997

Mailbag: Paul appears in a commercial for ""Uncle Dave's Non-Alcoholic Gin."" Also, Dave and Green Bay Packers QB Brett Farve throw footballs into cabs, and David Spade promotes his new sitcom, ""Just Shoot Me.""

Episode 95 - Pierce Brosnan, Lance Alstodt, Brian Regan
First Aired: February. 06,1997

Know Your Current Events: Dave promises an audience participant named Brian (who Dave keeps calling ""Larry"") that if he can kick a field goal outside, he can sit onstage. Brian hits the field goal post at 20 yards and wins his onstage seat.

Episode 94 - Fran Drescher, Eva Herzigova, Tony Bennett
First Aired: February. 05,1997

Flugelhorn great Al Chez sits in with the band, while Leonard appears in a educational film about the First Thanksgiving.

Episode 93 - Isabella Rossellini, Billy Bob Thorton, Tokyo Shock Boys
First Aired: February. 04,1997

In honor of the re-release of the entire Star Wars trilogy, Dave moves his coffee mug with a little help from ""the force""; Billy Bob Thornton promotes his Academy Award-nominated film Sling Blade; the acrobatic Tokyo Stunt Boys bomb in their first (and ultimately only) American television performance.

Episode 92 - Stupid Human Tricks, Elle MacPherson, Charles Barkley
First Aired: February. 03,1997

Dave celebrates a decade and a half in late night television by introducing some of his favorite Stupid Human Tricks. Later, he chats with basketball star Charles Barkley.

Episode 91 - Rhea Perlman, Ray Ramano, Ice Cube
First Aired: January. 31,1997

Episode 90 - Matthew Perry, Natasha Lyonne, Jewel
First Aired: January. 30,1997

Dave shows a promo of ""Rupert Jee's Private Parts,"" a spoof of the upcoming Howard Stern movie. Amongst those who participate in this parody are Rupert, Leonard, and ""Paul Shaffer as ‘David Letterman.'""

Episode 89 - Dan Rather, Jane Leeves, Tori Amos
First Aired: January. 29,1997

Dave calls up an audience guy to meet Tori Amos, but he has to frisk him first.

Episode 88 - Tony Danza, Desmond Howard, Helena Bonham Carter
First Aired: January. 28,1997

Biff presides over another segment of ""What They Would Have Had for Lunch If They Were Still Alive."" Tonight, Lorne Greene: ""a BLT."" Also, Tony Williams sits in on drums, while Dave introduces Paul as ""Little Jimmy Dickens.""

Episode 87 - David Schwimmer, Carmen Electra, Sheryl Crow
First Aired: January. 27,1997

Alan interrupts the monologue to comment on yesterday's Packers-Patriots Super Bowl; an audience member receives Dave's autograph; Calvert reports from New Orleans, where football fans are still celebrating after yesterday's championship.

Episode 86 - Kevin Kline, Kevin Sorbo, Kevin Brennan
First Aired: January. 17,1997

It's an ""All Kevin Spectacular"" as Kevin Kline, Kevin Sorbo, and Kevin Brennan guest on the show. The closing credits on the show include all staffers named Kevin (Kevin Burnett, Kevin Foley, Kevin Gaines, Kevin Mulligan [actually the name of Gerard's son], and so on).

Episode 85 - Tom Selleck, Art Donovan, Babyface
First Aired: January. 16,1997

Paul shows a clip of his new home video ""The Late Show Made Easy,"" while ""Know Your Cuts of Meat"" makes its debut on ""Know Your Current Events.""

Episode 84 - Chris O'Donnell, Debbie Reynolds, Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Mark O'Conner
First Aired: January. 15,1997

Dave shows QVC footage of a Cabbage Patch Bill Clinton doll eating French fries; Actor Chris O'Donnell does a Stupid Human Trick; the drama class from Calhoun High School re-enacts the first half of the show.

Episode 83 - Penelope Ann Miller, Skeet Ulrich, BR5-49
First Aired: January. 14,1997

It's time for another Late Show experiment: ""Who Will Get Kicked Out of TGIF's Sooner, a Shirtless Guy or a Guy with Ten Dogs?"" Answer: the shirtless guy. Later, Dave instructs Chris from the audience to negotiate with TGIF (where he works), and soon enough, everyone is allowed inside.

Episode 82 - Kevin Spacey, Madeline Kahn, Harry Hill
First Aired: January. 13,1997

Dave deems the show to be such a success that he announces the production of four spin-offs, ""Rupert Touches Meat,"" ""Leonard's Candid Camera,"" ""Kenny's Baywatch"" (with the stagehands running in slow motion), and ""Late Show with Carlos Huaycaga.""

Episode 81 - Eddie Murphy, Dwight Yoakam, Veronica Paridee
First Aired: January. 10,1997

An audience member celebrating her birthday dances onstage; Inky threatens to throw a rock at Dave; Dave chats with a nine-year-old girl that delivered her baby brother in a stuck elevator; Inky settles his differences and dances with Kim the audience girl.

Episode 80 - Matt Dillon, Rebecca Ramijn, Cassandra Wilson
First Aired: January. 09,1997

Dave sends an audience babe out to get some snow, and throughout the night the show is interrupted by a three-way snowball war between Dave, Inky and Anton.

Episode 79 - Woody Harrelson, Jackie Chan, John Pizzarelli
First Aired: January. 08,1997

Dave fondly looks back at the one-year anniversary of ""El Blizzardo,"" then does a spit take with Windex®. Also, Woody Harrelson plugs hemp products and The People vs. Larry Flint.

Episode 78 - Ray Liotta, Norm MacDonald
First Aired: January. 07,1997

Dave swipes Tony's gum, which he had tried to hide on top of one of the cameras. Also, Rupert of Hello Deli is pitted against Amando of Stage Deli in a little competition called ""The King of Meats."" It was a close battle throughout, but Amando ends up victorious.

Episode 77 - Kids Tell Jokes, Tracey Ullman, B.B. King
First Aired: January. 06,1997

BB King sits in; Dave accidentally tears up the Top Ten blue card, so he reads the list via teleprompter; Tracey Ullman promotes her new HBO show, ""Tracey Takes On...""

Episode 76 - Courtney Cox, Lee Marek, Damon Hill
First Aired: January. 03,1997

During CBS Mailbag, a viewer asks what Dave did for New Year's. Dave flashes back to a wild night with a bunch of fabulous babes, while Paul brings him back to earth, and Dave flashes back to a night spent at the laundromat drinking Tide.

Episode 75 - Alec Baldwin, Cast of Chicago
First Aired: January. 02,1997

Dave introduces an audience member named Tara to Alec Baldwin; Dave shows a drawing of him in a 70's-era leisure suit; from the hit Broadway revival ""Chicago,"" Bebe Neuwirth and Ann Reinking perform ""And All That Jazz.""

Episode 74 - Tom Arnold, Kamarr, Joe Queenan
First Aired: December. 31,1996

Calvert DeForest is live at Times Square as the show is taped hours earlier; Tom Arnold appears again on New Year's Eve, this time without Roseanne; Biff gets scissors from Dave to get rid of the Cabbage Patch doll chewing on his ear; Kamarr the Discount Magician tries in vain to impress the audience.

Episode 73 - Mary Tyler Moore, Jerry O'Connell, Oseola McCarty, Deana Carter
First Aired: December. 30,1996

Calvert DeForest is live at Times Square as the show is taped hours earlier. Tom Arnold appears again on New Year's Eve, this time without Roseanne.

Episode 72 - Jane Pauley, Robert Pastorelli, Blues Traveler
First Aired: December. 27,1996

John Popper of Blues Traveler sits in, while Biff gives dating tips.

Episode 71 - Nathan Lane, Kelly Preston, Rich Hall
First Aired: December. 26,1996

Episode 70 - John Travolta, Julianna Marguiles, St. Luke's Bottle Band
First Aired: December. 23,1996

Midway through Dave's interview with ""Michael"" star John Travolta, the buxom president of John's fan club gets a hug and an autograph.

Episode 69 - Billy Crystal, Cuba Gooding Jr., Darlene Love
First Aired: December. 20,1996

Dave hugs a male audience member; fake snow falls on the backdrop, then on the audience; Darlene Love (featuring Bette Sussman) continues her holiday tradition of singing ""Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home).""

Episode 68 - Richard Simmons, Neve Campbell, Dave Matthews Band
First Aired: December. 19,1996

During a ""New for Christmas"" segment, Biff is nearly injured by a motorized hula hoop; Neve Campbell promotes ""Scream.""

Episode 67 - Harry Connick Jr., Walter Cronkite
First Aired: December. 18,1996

Mayor Giuliani shows up to put an apple on the Christmas tree, then gets in on a few pictures with Dave, Paul, and two audience members. Also, hockey great Gordie Howe calls Dave.

Episode 66 - Andie MacDowell, Jimmie Walker, Rhett Atkins
First Aired: December. 17,1996

Tony sits in the audience, while Rupert shows Dave a ""Tickle Me Giuliani"" doll.

Episode 65 - Drew Barrymore, Mathias Pakula, Faith Hill
First Aired: December. 16,1996

Somebody named Matias Paluka is interviewed by Dave, then does a weather forecast.

Episode 64 - Albert Brooks, Beavis & Butthead, Neil Diamond
First Aired: December. 13,1996

Skunk and Gator hang out in the green room; Beavis and Butthead plug their upcoming movie; Paul performs an original holiday number.

Episode 63 - James Woods, Bob Odenkirk, Counting Crows
First Aired: December. 12,1996

1996: Two merchant marines do push-ups onstage; Dave and Paul reprise the roles of their alter egos, Gator and Skunk; Leonard Tepper performs in the Late Show ""kid's nativity play""; Counting Crows appear for the second night in a row.

Episode 62 - Kenneth Branaugh, Bonnie Hunt, Counting Crows
First Aired: December. 11,1996

Dave calls the corner pay phones, but no one answers. He finally steps outside and tells anyone to pick up the phone. After some guy named Phil answers it, Dave has to scream at him to come inside.

Episode 61 - Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Gloria Estefan
First Aired: December. 10,1996

Dave announces he's #45 on TV Guide's greatest stars list; after interviewing Nicole Kidman, Dave is dyspeptic and demands a roll of Tums®; the roof cam reveals Santa dumping a corpse in a garbage disposal.

Episode 60 - John Cleese, Martha Stewart, David Copperfield
First Aired: December. 09,1996

Biff gives out hams to the audience during the second-ever appearance of ""Know Your Current Events,"" while Martha Stewart shows Dave how to make a scented wreath.

Episode 59 - Teri Hatcher, Brent Spiner, Luscious Jackson
First Aired: November. 29,1996

After Dave offers a million dollars claiming that there's no such person named Sivareddy Gotike, whose letter was read on the CBS Mailbag the week before, Sivareddy appears on the show to collect. Dave offers him and his friend Srinivas a hotel room, dinner at Tad's, dinner at the 21 Club, two tickets to ""Cats,"" two tickets to a Jets game, a camera, car service, and dates instead.

Episode 58 - Lea Thompson, Natalie Portman, Stone Temple Pilots
First Aired: November. 28,1996

Gerard makes a cameo in the annual ""Thanksgiving Day Quiz,"" while Dorothy bakes cherry and hickory nut pies.

Episode 57 - Martin Short, Scott Bryan, Rita Wilson
First Aired: November. 27,1996

Thanksgiving and the holidays are the topics du jour in the latest edition of ""Dave Talks to Kids.""

Episode 56 - Jeff Daniels, Dolly Parton
First Aired: November. 26,1996

John Popper of Blues Traveler sits in, and later he performs with Dolly Parton.

Episode 55 - Lisa Kudrow, Delroy Lindo, Wynonna
First Aired: November. 25,1996

A ""News in Review"" segment is translated into Chinese, while Dave accidentally cuts himself while crawling under his desk.

Episode 54 - Kid Inventors, Will Smith, Jimmy Buffett
First Aired: November. 22,1996

Friday Night on the Road finishes in Miami, Florida. It's so hot in the Coconut Grove Playhouse that Dave strips off his suit and hosts the show in his khakis and t-shirt: ""This is exactly what rehearsal looks like.""

Episode 53 - Phil Hartman, Bob Costas, Luther Vandross
First Aired: November. 21,1996

When Dave gives a ham to an audience guy, he gives him five more when he says it's going to a senior citizens' group. Soon enough, Biff practically gives him the whole store.

Episode 52 - Glenn Close, Marc Maron, Eriq LaSalle
First Aired: November. 20,1996

Glenn Close promotes the live-action remake of ""101 Dalmations.""

Episode 51 - Heather Locklear, Sinbad, Tony Toni Tone
First Aired: November. 19,1996

Dave calls a desk jockey from across the street named Samantha Giafoni, asking for her opinion about Michael Jackson. After calling her, autumn leaves are dumped in her office.

Episode 50 - Sarah Ferguson, Derek Jeter, Reba McEntire
First Aired: November. 18,1996

Throughout the night, audience members walk onstage to tell jokes.

Episode 49 - Stupid Pet Tricks, Anthony Edwards, Natalie Cole
First Aired: November. 15,1996

From Chicago: Paul meets his long-lost brother Matt Shaffer on ""Jerry Springer"" just as Dave was going to admit to being a transvestite. Also, Dave introduces ten citizens with distinct names for ""Top Ten Our Favorite Illinois Names."" His choice for #1, Springfield resident Minnie Cocke, has her mug displayed on the United Center jumbotron.

Episode 48 - Tony Randall, Wendy Liebman, Helena Bonham Carter
First Aired: November. 14,1996

Dave's artificial tooth comes loose, while Ed McMahon imitates Leonard Tepper's impression of the former ""Tonight Show"" sidekick.

Episode 47 - Ron Howard, Patrick Ewing, Gene Catron
First Aired: November. 13,1996

Saxaphonist Joshua Redman sits in; Gene Catron performs a trick involving dominoes and a pool ball; Dave gives out candy.

Episode 46 - Marilu Henner, Kristin Scott Thomas, Alan Jackson
First Aired: November. 12,1996

Biff interrupts Dave's monologue ""just to be on TV;"" Kristen Scott Thomas plugs ‘The English Patient.""

Episode 45 - Jeff Bridges, Diane Sawyer, Bryan White
First Aired: November. 11,1996

It's the official 3rd Anniversary special, with clips and highlights from the past three seasons.

Episode 44 - Bob Dole, Ted Koppel, Mary Chapin Carpenter
First Aired: November. 08,1996

Ten noteworthy anchormen appear in the top ten list while Dave chats with recently denied presidential candidate Bob Dole.

Episode 43 - Brett Butler, Gary Sinise, Bob McCoy
First Aired: November. 07,1996

During Mailbag, a viewer pleads for no more Dole jokes, so ""Bob Dole"" (Calvert) appears on stage and sings Lionel Richie's ""Say You, Say Me,"" a pop ditty which includes the immortal lines, ""I had a dream; I had an awesome dream.""

Episode 42 - Marisa Tomei, James Carville, John Michael Montgomery
First Aired: November. 06,1996

It's the day after Election '96, so Dave tells his last ""Bob Dole is old"" joke. Also, Dave fidgets with his unusually long tie, while Calvert conducts exit polls.

Episode 41 - Mel Gibson, Christine Lahti, Joni Mitchell
First Aired: November. 04,1996

NYC Marathon winner Giacomo Leone runs through the set, while Mel Gibson presents ""Top Ten Lines You'll Never Hear Me, Mel Gibson, Say in a Movie.""

Episode 40 - Stupid Human Tricks, Dana Carvey, Steven Wright
First Aired: November. 01,1996

""Friday Night on the Road"" begins in Beantown, as Michael Hirsch, aka ""The Bar,"" makes his stunning transformation from dorm geek to BMOC.

Episode 39 - Jeff Foxworthy, Naomi Campbell, Jake Johannsen
First Aired: October. 31,1996

In honor of Halloween, Dave presents ""Biff the Headless Stage Manager""; the problem, though, is that Biff is dressed as a Thanksgiving pilgrim.

Episode 38 - Isabella Rossellini, Garry Marshall, Bryn Terfel
First Aired: October. 30,1996

Bill Murray serves as the show's roving reporter, asking pedestrians outside about the upcoming national election. Also, Dave shows off his new, thinner haircut.

Episode 37 - George Steinbrenner, Jeremy Piven, Chris Isaak
First Aired: October. 29,1996

Dave chats with redeemed Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, while Rupert launches the ""Deli of Terror.""

Episode 36 - Joe Torre, Don Rickles, The Heads
First Aired: October. 28,1996

Dave salutes the 1996 World Champion New York Yankees and welcomes manager Joe Torre.

Episode 35 - Jimmy Smits, John Leguizamo, Brian Regan
First Aired: October. 25,1996

Dave says goodnight halfway through the show and then leaves. Paul goes to search for Dave but gets distracted playing basketball. Dave is finally found guiding planes on the runway at JFK Airport, so Biff calls him via a courtesy phone and tells him to return.

Episode 34 - Ted Danson, Claire Danes, Phil Collins
First Aired: October. 24,1996

Episode 33 - Jon Lovitz, Ken Olin, Enrique Iglesias
First Aired: October. 23,1996

Dave shows a poster that proves that Bob Dole's presidential campaign is doomed: ""For The Love of God, Don't Vote for Tubby."" Also, Calvert reports from the Game 1 of the Braves-Yankees World Series, during which he hugs the mayor of Atlanta.

Episode 32 - Rosie O'Donnell, Jon Favreau, Sheryl Crow
First Aired: October. 22,1996

Episode 31 - Cindy Crawford, Jack Hanna, Lyle Lovett
First Aired: October. 21,1996

Cindy Crawford walks onstage with heavy eye makeup, and Dave asks where she got her black eyes.

Episode 30 - George Foreman, Tom Everett Scott, Shawn Colvin
First Aired: October. 11,1996

During CBS Mailbag, Calvert appears as ""Derek the Cantankerous Wallaby""; guest George Foreman pulls a truck.

Episode 29 - Geena Davis, Peter Gallagher, Andy Kindler
First Aired: October. 10,1996

1996: Three audience girls are given hams; Dave shows a (supposed) clip from tonight's Vice Presidential debate; Dave and Marv Albert point out another audience member who happens to be wearing a neckbrace.

Episode 28 - Samuel L. Jackson, Leela Rashon, Midnight Oil
First Aired: October. 09,1996

Dave searches for a new anchor for CBS-2 New York, and decides on a girl named Donna Hill. She makes several (bogus) news reports throughout the night.

Episode 27 - Sam Donaldson, Spike Lee, Clint Black
First Aired: October. 08,1996

Clint Black sits in; the roof cam reveals campaign workers scuffling outside.

Episode 26 - Michael J. Fox, Jeanne Moreau, Ray Davies
First Aired: October. 07,1996

1996: Dave shows a tape of Bob Dole blinking in the first presidential debate; Michael J. Fox gets a car for high school graduation (he didn't officially graduate until that Spring); the Kinks' Ray Davies performs ""To the Bone.""

Episode 25 - Wayne Gretzky, Jonathan Silverman, Tori Amos
First Aired: October. 04,1996

Referring to a current TV Guide that pays tribute to Dave's Suit of Alka Seltzer from his NBC days, Rupert Jee stands in a bowl of clam chowder.

Episode 24 - Julie Andrews, "Pee Wee" Scheidt, Dave Matthews Band
First Aired: October. 03,1996

Calvert plays Bob Dole's go-between; The Dave Matthews Band performs ""Crash Into Me.""

Episode 23 - Val Kilmer, Nicole Sullivan, ZZ Top
First Aired: October. 02,1996

It's Biff's 50th birthday, so Dave promotes his new PBS political roundtable chatfest, ""The Henderson Group."" Tonight's panelists: Biff, Dave, Paul, and ""outspoken liberal"" Pat Farmer.

Episode 22 - Tom Hanks, Gina Gershon, Riverdance
First Aired: October. 01,1996

Sanborn's still sitting in; Paul appears in a Bob Dole campaign ad; Tom Hanks promotes ""That Thing You Do!""

Episode 21 - Ricki Lake, Gillian Anderson, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
First Aired: September. 30,1996

Episode 20 - Kirstie Alley, Matthew Broderick
First Aired: September. 27,1996

Episode 19 - Hugh Grant, Elizabeth Berkley, Donna Lewis
First Aired: September. 26,1996

Episode 18 - William Baldwin, Jeff Gordon, Vince Gill
First Aired: September. 25,1996

Episode 17 - Ellen DeGeneres, Stephen King, Trisha Yearwood
First Aired: September. 24,1996

Episode 16 - Sarah Jessica Parker, Andy Richter, Darrell Hammond
First Aired: September. 23,1996

Episode 15 - Stupid Pet Tricks, Drew Barrymore, Tony Avena, Pearl Jam
First Aired: September. 20,1996

Dave scrambles to find something to fill the extra 16 minutes of his commerical-free show.

Episode 14 - Goldie Hawn, Louie C.K.
First Aired: September. 19,1996

Episode 13 - Bill Cosby, Kin-Jin Mark, A Tribe Called Quest
First Aired: September. 18,1996

Episode 12 - Fran Drescher, Jesse Jackson, Travis Tritt
First Aired: September. 17,1996

Episode 11 - Tim Allen, Tyson Koenig, Suzanne Vega
First Aired: September. 16,1996

Episode 10 - John McEnroe, Illeana Douglas, 311
First Aired: September. 13,1996

Episode 9 - Tom Brokaw, Natasha Henstridge, Fan Yang
First Aired: September. 12,1996

Episode 8 - Cybill Sheperd, Carl Coccilone, Ray Romano
First Aired: September. 11,1996

Episode 7 - Jon Stewart, Marv Albert, Cranberries
First Aired: September. 10,1996

Episode 6 - Jamie Lee Curtis, Pete Sampras, John Mellencamp
First Aired: September. 09,1996

Episode 5 - Bill Cosby, Brian Williams, No Doubt
First Aired: September. 06,1996

It's the unofficial Three-Year Anniversary. (The count is 90 morning shows, 1810 Late Nights, and 654 Late Shows.) Dave shows some of his favorite clips, then goes door-to-door in New Jersey with Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert and Richard Simmons.

Episode 4 - Adam Sandler, David Cone, LeAnn Rimes
First Aired: September. 05,1996

Adam Sandler promotes Happy Gilmore; Yankees pitcher David Cone demonstrates ball-handling techniques.

Episode 3 - Whoopi Goldberg, Al Franken, Colonel Ron Severson
First Aired: September. 04,1996

Episode 2 - Mira Sorvino, Vincent Perez, Beck
First Aired: September. 03,1996

Episode 1 - Chuck Norris, Anthony Clark, Jewel
First Aired: September. 02,1996

Dave gives a ham to an audience member named Bud Perchinski, who later assumes control of one of the cameras. Later, Flea (from Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Jewel Kilcher perform a duet.


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