Late Show with David Letterman Season 9

August. 20,2001
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Late Show with David Letterman is an American late-night talk show hosted by David Letterman on CBS. The show debuted on August 30, 1993, and is produced by Letterman's production company, Worldwide Pants Incorporated and CBS Television Studios. The show's music director and band-leader of the house band, the CBS Orchestra, is Paul Shaffer. The head writer is Matt Roberts and the announcer is Alan Kalter. Of the major U.S. late-night programs, Late Show ranks second in cumulative average viewers over time and third in number of episodes over time. The show leads other late night shows in ad revenue with $271 million in 2009. In most U.S. markets the show airs at 11:35 p.m. Eastern/Pacific time, but is recorded Monday through Wednesday at 4:30 p.m., and Thursdays at 3:30 p.m and 6:00 p.m. The second Thursday episode usually airs on Friday of that week. In 2002, Late Show with David Letterman was ranked No. 7 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. CBS has a contract with Worldwide Pants to continue the show through 2014; by then, Letterman will surpass Johnny Carson as the longest tenured late-night talk show host.


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Late Show with David Letterman Season 9 Full Episode Guide

Episode 208 - Martin Short, Lewis Black
First Aired: August. 30,2002

Biff Henderson ends his tour of the US during the "CBS Mailbag" segment (final stop: Mt. Rushmore) as Dave chats with "Dr. Steven Hatfill" (Gerard). Later, Dave welcomes "Jiminy Glick" star Martin Short.

Episode 207 - Caroline Rhea, Jake Gyllenhall
First Aired: August. 29,2002

Joe Perry of Aerosmith sits in with the band; Osama congratulates Dave for nine years at CBS; Jake Gyllenhall promotes "Moonlight Mile."

Episode 206 - John Travolta, Nelly
First Aired: August. 28,2002

Dave forces Steph/Monty to ask John Travolta, "How can I get in touch with the other Sweathogs?"

Episode 205 - Chris Elliot, Eliza Dushku, Dixie Chicks
First Aired: August. 27,2002

Dave announces that tomorrow night Paul will be inducted into the National Black Sports and Entertainment Hall of Fame. Later, Chris Elliott and Dave reminiscense.

Episode 204 - Stupid Human Tricks, Jimmy Fallon, Dirty Vegas
First Aired: August. 26,2002

"SNL" star Jimmy Fallon promotes the MTV Video Music Awards, which he's hosting.

Episode 203 - Elizabeth Hurley, Tom Ryan
First Aired: August. 23,2002

Biff pushes pins into a map right in front of the famous Hollywood sign in L.A.; Alan and his twin brother Rick appear on "American Idol"; upon hearing of a proposed talk show hosted by Bill Clinton on CBS, Dave shows a promo for NBC's "The Saddam Hussein Show."

Episode 202 - Al Pacino, Roger Clemens
First Aired: August. 21,2002

Dave shows a timeline of President Bush's vacation, while Al Pacino promotes the movie "Simone."

Episode 201 - Robin Williams, James Taylor
First Aired: August. 20,2002

Sitting in with the band tonight is an unknown winner from the previous night's Teen Choice Awards. Later, Robin Williams plugs "One Hour Photo."

Episode 200 - Matthew Perry, The Vines
First Aired: August. 19,2002

Dave welcomes "Friends" star Matthew Perry, who is promoting a new movie. Meanwhile, a performance by the Aussie rock group The Vines blows the audience (and Dave) away.

Episode 199 - Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Mitch Hedberg
First Aired: August. 02,2002

Biff's Summer Tour continues as Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band perform "Lonesome Day."

Episode 198 - Mike Myers, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
First Aired: August. 01,2002

Mike Myers promotes "Austin Powers in Goldmember" and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performs "The Rising."

Episode 197 - Blaine Mayhugh, Joaquin Phoenix, Little Richard
First Aired: July. 31,2002

Dave reads articles from obscure newspapers in a segment called "Small Town News." Later, Little Richard sings "Good Golly, Miss Molly."

Episode 196 - Joan Rivers, Zooey Deschanel
First Aired: July. 30,2002

Dave and Rupert play "The Late Show Celebrity X-Ray Challenge." Tonight's celebrity is James Caan.

Episode 195 - Julia Stiles, Mike Daisey, Wyclef Jean
First Aired: July. 29,2002

It's the dog days of summer, which might explain why Biff is sitting on a block of ice. Later, Julia Stiles talks about her hair.

Episode 194 - Bill Cosby, Tift Merritt
First Aired: July. 26,2002

During "CBS Mailbag," Paul exaggarates some of the many great tourist destinations of his hometown in Ontario. Later, Bill Cosby talks about his Congressional Medal of Honor.

Episode 193 - Amy Sedaris, Chazz Palminteri, Weezer
First Aired: July. 25,2002

During "Know Your Current Events," Dave seems to fixate on attractive women. Later, Weezer plays "Keep Fishin'."

Episode 192 - Dana Carvey, Ben Kilham
First Aired: July. 24,2002

Dave chats with a "bear rehabilitator;" Dana Carvey promotes his movie "Master of Disguise;" the "Charts and Graphs" segment reveals that the contents of Ding Dongs are 50% Dings and 50% Dongs.

Episode 191 - Kristen Johnson, Kinky
First Aired: July. 23,2002

Rupert goes golfing; Calvert DeForest turns 81; Kristen Johnston promotes her appearance in Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" in Central Park.

Episode 190 - Haley Joel Osment, Bill Scheft, Dashboard Confessional
First Aired: July. 22,2002

George Clarke flies a kite from a taxi; Haley Joel Osment promotes his movie, "The Country Bears;" Dashboard Confessional performs "Saints and Sailors."

Episode 189 - Ted Koppel, Wendy Liebman
First Aired: July. 19,2002

Biff's latest stop on his tour is Washington, DC; Dave chats with "Martha Stewart" (Gerard) and her lawyer made of pine cones during CBS Mailbag; Ted Koppel shows off his impeccable comic timing, then delivers a cape to Paul for his Friday night breakdown.

Episode 188 - Geena Davis, Robert Plant
First Aired: July. 18,2002

Just for the hell of it, the annual "Late Show Holiday Quarterback Challenge" is held in the middle of July; Dave quizzes the audience with "Know Your Current Events;" Robert Plant sings "Darkness, Darkness."

Episode 187 - Sarah Jessica Parker, Etta James
First Aired: July. 17,2002

Sarah Jessica Parker talks about her unborn child; Alan appears to be on the brink of sanity; Dave stumps the audience with a "Beach Quiz."

Episode 186 - Catherine Keener, Mario Batali, Solomon Burke
First Aired: July. 16,2002

Steph/Monty and Dave play another round of "Psychic Sandwich." Later, Dave wrecks havoc during a cooking segment with New York restaurant owner Mario Batali.

Episode 185 - Serena Williams, Tom Arnold, Dave Matthews Band
First Aired: July. 15,2002

Dave admits to being in a disproportionatly good mood during a segment called "Late Show Newsmakers;" the Dave Matthews Band becomes the second band ever to perform on the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Episode 184 - Nathan Lane, Hugh Fink
First Aired: July. 12,2002

Biff's Summer Tour stops at Niagara Falls. Meanwhile, during CBS Mailbag, George Clarke talks about his plans for the Fourth of July; Alan Kalter struts his "mastery" of the French language.

Episode 183 - Paul Newman, Counting Crows
First Aired: July. 11,2002

Dave plays "Know Your Current Events" with the audience. Later, Paul Newman talks about auto racing while promoting "Road to Perdition."

Episode 182 - Robin Williams, Pat Green
First Aired: July. 10,2002

Dave talks about a snake in his house; Alan Kalter seduces a CPR dummy during a segment called "What's New for Summer;" Pat and Kenny read a transcript of Oprah's interview with Jennifer Lopez; Robin Williams promotes a movie and a broadway show.

Episode 181 - Stupid Pet Tricks, Jude Law, rubyhorse
First Aired: July. 09,2002

Zeke, the "Rabid Dingo" that bit Dave in June 2000, makes a return appearance on "Stupid Pet Tricks." Later, rubyhorse sings "Sparkle."

Episode 180 - Tom Hanks, Dolly Parton
First Aired: July. 08,2002

Biff goes out in van, annoying people with a bullhorn. Later, Steph/Monty asks "Road to Perdition" star Tom Hanks, "During the filming, did the crew see or touch any monkeys?"

Episode 179 - Christina Ricci, Daniel Tosh, Ben Kweller
First Aired: June. 28,2002

The "Late Show CBS Mailbag Biff Henderson Map Across America Summer Tour" lands at the Statue of Liberty. Later, Ben Kweller performs "Wasted and Ready."

Episode 178 - Michelle Williams, Barry Sonnenfeld
First Aired: June. 27,2002

The audience is victorious once more when they play "Stump the Band." Later, Dave shows a very obnoxious commerical for the upcoming G-8 Summit.

Episode 177 - Tom Brokaw, Bow Wow
First Aired: June. 26,2002

Dave reads from random wedding announcements in the New York Times in a segment called "Will It Last?"

Episode 176 - National Hollering Champions, Adam Sandler, Trik Turner
First Aired: June. 25,2002

Dave makes several enlightening remarks about the National Hollerin' Champions from North Carolina, who later perform their winning hollers; Adam Sandler plugs Mr. Deeds.

Episode 175 - Will Smith, Landon Donovan, Yo Yo Ma & The Silk Road Project
First Aired: June. 24,2002

Will Smith promotes "Men In Black 2," while the US Men's World Cup Soccer Team holds an exhibition on the roof of the theater.

Episode 174 - Connie Chung, Gary Mule Deer
First Aired: June. 21,2002

Biff and Bruce Willis push pins in Hawaii during CBS Mailbag, while Dave lands on the cover of "Martha Stewart Living."

Episode 173 - Harrison Ford, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead
First Aired: June. 20,2002

The U.S. National Team presents "Top Ten Ways to Get Americans Excited About Soccer;" Dave brags about buying his first car at Harrison Ford; The Trail of Dead performs "Relative Ways."

Episode 172 - Piedmont Birdcallers, Lauren Ambrose, Moby
First Aired: June. 19,2002

The bird callers of Piedmont High School demonstrate their wares once more; Moby sings "We Are Made of Stars."

Episode 171 - Ellen DeGeneres, Al Franken
First Aired: June. 18,2002

George Clarke stands on the roof of the Studio 54 building to hit golf balls, hoping to go over the Ed Sullivan Theater and break glass on the WPI building on its far side. After successfully breaking one window, Steph/Monty, Alan, and Al Franken each take a few swings at the windows.

Episode 170 - Stupid Human Tricks, Tom Cruise, The Flatlanders
First Aired: June. 17,2002

Dave takes inventory of all his favorite clips (the "wild dingo," the baby owl eating the mouse, Dubya looking confused, etc.); Tom Cruise shows off his braces; during a segment called "Don't Try This At Home," Mike McIntee sprays Windex into his mouth.

Episode 169 - Matt Damon, Marc Maron
First Aired: June. 14,2002

Biff does his pushpin schtick live from the Grand Canyon, and Dave persuades him to yell "Hey, Mommy!" just to see if there's an echo. Also, Paul does a somewhat convincing James Brown impression, suffers a nervous breakdown onstage, and Dave comes by to bring him his cape.

Episode 168 - Jodie Foster, Jack Hanna
First Aired: June. 13,2002

Episode 167 - Freddie Prinze, Jr., Alicia Keys
First Aired: June. 12,2002

Dave and Paul talk about their cholesterol levels; Freddie Prinze, Jr. promotes Scooby-Doo; Alicia Keys sings "How Come You Don't Call Me?"

Episode 166 - Sarah Michelle Gellar, John McEnroe
First Aired: June. 11,2002

Sarah Michelle Geller promotes Scooby-Doo while John McEnroe tells Dave a funny story about getting thrown out of the Australian Open back in his playing days.

Episode 165 - Christian Slater, David Bowie
First Aired: June. 10,2002

Dave comments on the Nets' playoff run; Alan performs another scene from Double Indemnity, this time with a Edward G. Robinson stand-in; David Bowie performs "Slow Burn."

Episode 164 - Zach Braff, Kathleen Madigan
First Aired: June. 07,2002

Mailbag: "Is This Anything?" fave Kiva "Grinder Girl" Kahl stands next to Biff while he puts the pushpins in the map; twelth floor receptionist Art Garfunkel provides his own on-hold music; Alan beats the crap out of an Amish guy, then when Dave explains that the Amish are pacifists, Alan heads back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, accuses the Amish guy of being brainwashed by Dave, and beats him up again.

Episode 163 - Nicolas Cage, Abi Thomas, Jimmy Eat World
First Aired: June. 06,2002

An audience member explains to Dave how to pronounce the name of her hometown: "You're saying Morristown. It's not Morristown. It's Morristown." Also, Dave chats with Abi Thomas, a jogger who was attacked by a bear at Yellowstone National Park.

Episode 162 - Chris Rock, Jack Johnson
First Aired: June. 05,2002

Dave and Paul try to figure out a strange gesture that Celine Dion made during her TV concert earlier that week. Later, Chris Rock talks about Don King and Bucky Dent.

Episode 161 - Celine Dion, Helio Castroneves
First Aired: June. 04,2002

Dave accuses Rupert of product placement on "May We See Your Photos, Please"; Alan addresses the Queen of England in a rather inappropriate way; Celine Dion performs "I'm Alive" and jumps into the audience.

Episode 160 - Jimmy Kimmel, Tom Dreesen, Goo Goo Dolls
First Aired: June. 03,2002

While showing photos from her trip to the Indianapolis 500, Dave calls Steph/Monty "Dutch"; the snake lady performs again on "Is This Anything?"; Tom Dreesen tells various tales of Hollywood hobnobbing.

Episode 159 - Charles Grodin, Wendy Liebman
First Aired: May. 24,2002

Dave announces that Paul will be called Pablo this summer, which will go into effect immediately; Dave promises tonight's show will be "smooth and suave"; during Mailbag, an audience member asks Dave what his most embarrassing moment was, and we watch a (phony) clip of Dave performing with The Firecrackers last week.

Episode 158 - Jon Favreau, David Rakoff, Anton Figg
First Aired: May. 23,2002

Alan asks passerby for their reaction to the new Star Wars prequel and ends up making a scene. Also, Anton Fig and Ivan Neville perform "Inside Out" from the CBS Orchestra drummer's new album, Figments.

Episode 157 - Jennifer Lopez, April Kleinschmidt, Patty Loveless
First Aired: May. 22,2002

Trumpter Terence Blanchard sits in; in honor of David Blaine's recent stunt in which he stands on a eighty-foot platform for several days, George Clarke attempts to stand on a folding chair for the duration of the show; Dave chats with April Kleinschmidt, the sole graduate of the Class of 2002 at Harrold High School in South Dakota.

Episode 156 - Diane Sawyer, Jesse Martin
First Aired: May. 21,2002

Dave shows real footage of a woman being questioned on the news wearing a Late Show t-shirt; Diane Sawyer brags about her recent weight loss; Dave chats with Australian teen Jesse Martin, the youngest person ever to sail around the world solo.

Episode 155 - Vecepia Towerey, Hilary Swank, The Firecrackers
First Aired: May. 20,2002

Steph/Monty is mentioned in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly; Dave calls New York Highway Superintendent Drew Outhouse to resolve an awkward social situation; The Kalter Twins perform "I've Got You Babe"; The Firecrackers, a synchronized jump rope team, demonstrate their wares on-stage.

Episode 154 - Kathie Lee Gifford, Brian Regan
First Aired: May. 17,2002

Mailbag: Martha Stewart fills in for Biff on the pushpin board, Harold Larkin goes hitchhiking, and Tony is humiliated on Blind Date. Also, Brian Regan comments on his inability to spell names correctly.

Episode 153 - Stupid Human Tricks, Natalie Portman, X-ecutioners, Xzhibit, Biohazard
First Aired: May. 16,2002

Dave shows footage from rehearsal of Kenny McGowan tripping over the "Will It Float" tank; Biff visits the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Indy 500 time trials; a participant in tonight's "Stupid Human Tricks" that can maneuver a tennis racquet all over his body flirts with Natalie Portman in the green room.

Episode 152 - Alec Baldwin, Ted Nugent
First Aired: May. 15,2002

Tony Mendez goes home with an audience member (see recap), while Dave and rocker/sportsman Ted Nugent cook rabbit.

Episode 151 - Kid Scientists, Allison Janney, Al Green
First Aired: May. 14,2002

Nine guys in Spider-Man outfits, not to mention Dracula, Superman, and a cowboy cram themselves into a Subway restaurant; Tony Orlando dresses down Dave even though he interrupted him, then leaps into a chorus of "Knock Three Times"; when one of Lee Marek's kid scientists starts a very flammable demonstration, Dave demands that the band and everyone else onstage take for cover behind his desk.

Episode 150 - Liza Minnelli
First Aired: May. 13,2002

Dave chats with the latest Survivor loser Robert "The General" DeCanio, while Liza Minnelli performs "Some People" from the musical Gypsy.

Episode 149 - Gillian Andersen, Jonathan Katz
First Aired: May. 10,2002

With Biff on vacation, Steph/Monty handles the pushpins live via telephone; during Mailbag, Paul demonstrates a hidden talent for cartwheels, and then mysteriously disappears; a Mother's Day tradition is started when the moms of ten celebrities present the Top Ten list; Dave and Gillian Anderson make out.

Episode 148 - Hugh Grant, Tony Hawk
First Aired: May. 09,2002

Skateboarding great Tony Hawk demonstrates his wares out on 53rd Street.

Episode 147 - Will Ferrell, Tom Waits
First Aired: May. 08,2002

Dave and Paul take apart wedding announcements in the New York Times; a staffer in a Spider-Man outfit successfully hails a taxi; Will Ferrell tells Dave what it's like to run the NYC marathon.

Episode 146 - Richard Gere, Reggie Miller
First Aired: May. 07,2002

Dave moans and groans over his latest dental work; Dave shows (obviously phony) footage of Peter Jennings doing World News Tonight in a Spider-Man costume; Richard Gere makes first appearance on the show since 1983.

Episode 145 - Mary Tyler Moore, Norah Jones
First Aired: May. 06,2002

The outside cam catches Spider-Man jacking a car; Dave and Mary Tyler Moore play catch; Norah Jones performs "Don't Know Why."

Episode 144 - Jennifer Garner, Jim Gaffigan
First Aired: May. 03,2002

Mailbag: a letter about having your name mentioned on TV is somehow morphed into a request to see Alan getting the crap beat out of him. Later on in the segment, a letter about tornados has the same result, as an already bloodied Alan is further laid to waste. Also, Michael McIntee does a remote Top Ten from Central Park, while Jim Gaffigan discusses food and cleanliness.

Episode 143 - Tobey Maquire, Trey Anastasio
First Aired: May. 02,2002

"Biff Henderson's America" visits the hamlet of Denver, Indiana; Dave comments on rumors that Bill Clinton may host a daytime talk show; Tobey Maguire does a really bad Rodney Dangerfield impression.

Episode 142 - Kirsten Dunst, Steve Nash, Angie Stone & The O'Jays
First Aired: May. 01,2002

An "Incredible Cat Challenge" is thwarted when George Clarke's cat won't go through the obstacle course; Kirsten Dunst promotes Spider-Man; after Angie Stone and the O'Jays perform "Wish I Didn't Miss You," the house band closes the show by performing "Love Train."

Episode 141 - Incredible Dog Challenge, Debra Messing, Wilco
First Aired: April. 30,2002

The Incredible Dog Challenge is finally held out on 53rd Street, and throughout the night three dogs compete through a series of hurdles and tubes.

Episode 140 - Charlie Sheen, Paul Westerberg
First Aired: April. 29,2002

Dave shows various clips of Ted Danson looked scared/shocked from his recent miniseries Living With the Dead; Dave points out that the Late Show was chosen as the seventh greatest television program of all time; Paul Westerberg performs "Silent Film Star."

Episode 139 - The Rock, Dwayne Kennedy
First Aired: April. 26,2002

Dave and Paul talk about wrestling in preparation of his interview with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. During CBS Mailbag, "Mayor Bloomberg" (Gerard) offers Dave some pot, and Alan Kalter promotes the video "Osama Gone Wild."

Episode 138 - Charlie Sheen, Paul Westerberg
First Aired: April. 25,2002

Another "Incredible Dog Challenge" is postponed by rain; Dave wears his ugly red glasses again; Cee-Lo sings "Closet Freak."

Episode 137 - Tiffani Thiessen, Bill Walton, Bonnie Raitt
First Aired: April. 24,2002

Dave mentions Paul's appearance on tonight's episode of Ed, and shortly afterwards Paul wears the fake mustache he had to wear for the role; Alan and the Barbara Stanwyck look-alike perform another scene from Double Indemnity; Bonnie Raitt sings "I Can't Help You Now."

Episode 136 - Landon Shuffett, Seth Green, Elvis Costello
First Aired: April. 23,2002

Dave mentions that Saddam Hussein's novel Zabibah and the King was been turned into a musical, and then shows a (bogus) promo for it's upcoming debut in Baghdad; seven-year-old billiards trick shot artist Landon Shuffett blows Dave away by shooting a row of thirteen balls into the corner pocket; Elvis Costello performs "Tear Off Your Own Head (It's A Doll Revolution)."

Episode 135 - Ashton Kutcher, Oliver Atukudzi
First Aired: April. 22,2002

Dave mentions that he bumped his head over the weekend, then comments on the recent drought in NYC.

Episode 134 - Matthew Conaughey, John Witherspoon
First Aired: April. 12,2002

Dave receives an unexpected birthday greeting from Osama Bin Laden; CBS Mailbag is interrupted to that the Hi-Ho girls can bring out Daddy's cake; ten Air Force pilots present the Top Ten.

Episode 133 - Dee Dee Davis, Cameron Diaz, The Strokes
First Aired: April. 11,2002

Dave receives another comedy class project from Miss Markey's Kindergarten class, while The Strokes perform "Take It or Leave It."

Episode 132 - Sandra Bullock, Billy Norris, Sheryl Crow
First Aired: April. 10,2002

After his reluctance to sing on last night's show, Dave is appalled to find US Attorney General John Ashcroft crooning "When The Eagles Soars" on TRL; Alan impersonates Fred MacMurray again; Sheryl Crow sings "Soak Up The Sun."

Episode 131 - John Ashcroft
First Aired: April. 09,2002

Dave models a hideous pair of glasses he found in his house; a woman from Portland, Oregon rides around in Al Norwood's 2001 Honda S2000; Dave tries to get Attorney General John Ashcroft to sing, but only does so during the commercial breaks.

Episode 130 - Rosie Perez, George Miller
First Aired: April. 08,2002

In honor of his departure from The Early Show; Dave shows footage of moving men with cardboard boxes superimposed over Bryant Gumbel talking in mid-broadcast; "Survivor: Marquesas" also-ran Gina Crews demonstrates her talent for spitting watermelon seeds; George Miller brags that his grandfather invented the handshake.

Episode 129 - Bob Newhart, Demetri Martin
First Aired: April. 05,2002

Will Lee stands in for Biff on pin duty, and for his troubles he receives the tradition gift of SamsoniteĀ® luggage; during Mailbag, two "girl scouts" (Harold Larkin and Mike McIntee) destroy Paul's office for being behind on his cookie payments; ten members of the Coast Guard present the Top Ten.

Episode 128 - Selma Blair, Dick Enberg
First Aired: April. 04,2002

Biff introduces footage from his latest trip to Yankees Spring Training in Florida, while a fully-packed suitcase is subjected to "Will It Float?"

Episode 127 - Michael J. Fox, Patti Smith
First Aired: April. 03,2002

After Dave notices that Alan bears a slight resemblance to Fred MacMurray, the announcer and a Barbara Stanwyck stand-in recreate a scene from Double Indemnity. Also, Patti Smith sings "Dancing Barefoot."

Episode 126 - Tim Robbins, Jimmie Walker, Cast of Oklahoma
First Aired: April. 02,2002

During the latest Celebrity X-Ray Challenge, Dave persuades Rupert to lip sync a song from Oklahoma!

Episode 125 - Marv Albert, Charlotte Ross
First Aired: April. 01,2002

Acid jazz legend Herbie Hancock sits in on keyboards; Dave orders Steph/Monty to buy French fries; Marv Albert shows off another one of his blooper reels.

Episode 124 - Andy Dick, Mike Britt
First Aired: March. 29,2002

Mailbag: Tony's apparent sexiness forces George Clarke to drown his sorrows in a bucket of chicken at KFC; Dave shows off a tattoo on his leg that he wishes he didn't have (the ABC logo); after learning that Alan makes more money than him, Tony meets George at KFC.

Episode 123 - Robin Williams, Sevendust
First Aired: March. 28,2002

Biff shows footage of him harassing New Yorkers with a bullhorn; the New York National Guard presents the Top Ten; Sevendust (featuring Paul) performs "Angel's Son."

Episode 122 - Peter Krause, Doris Kearns Goodwin
First Aired: March. 27,2002

Eric Burdon of The Animals sits in; during the "Odd Catalogs" segment, Dave displays an ad for a "Government-seized and repossessed hairpiece blowout"; the Hi-Ho girls deliver a birthday cake to Tony; Doris Kearns Goodwin addresses rumors of plagiarism.

Episode 121 - Barbara Walters, Shannon McNally
First Aired: March. 26,2002

Dave shows a (bogus) clip of the upcoming Baby Bob spin-off "Baby Jacques," which is just like the original show except everybody speaks in a French accent; a proud tradition continues as a Hello Deli customer goes on a Easter meatball hunt; Alan apologizes for his comments toward Gwyneth Paltrow on last night's show, then inadvertently insults Uma Thurman.

Episode 120 - Adam Arkin, Amy Sedaris, Midnight Oil
First Aired: March. 25,2002

Alan reports on what everybody was wearing at last night's Oscars (all the men wore tuxedos), while Adam Arkin promotes the critically-disdained sitcom Baby Bob.

Episode 119 - Bonnie Hunt, N.E.R.D.
First Aired: March. 20,2002

Dave and Paul discuss the vernal equinox and the old wives tale that you're supposed to be able to stand an egg on its end at the moment of the equinox; Dave mentions that "Will It Float" is quickly becoming a fan favorite, then correctly predicts that a half-gallon of strawberry ice cream will float; N.E.R.D. performs "Rock Star."

Episode 118 - Jon Stewart, Kit Armstrong
First Aired: March. 19,2002

Dave asks Paul to play some Gene Pitney; the "Late Show Psychic Test Drive" finds Rupert driving Deborah Lynn around the city in a 2001 Chevy Malibu; Dave chats with boy genius Kit Armstrong.

Episode 117 - John McCain, The White Stripes
First Aired: March. 18,2002

Dave mentions that Paul has been keeping himself busy, as he performed not only at this year's Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, but also at the much-ballyhooed Liza Minelli-David Gest wedding; Dave continues to gloat over his Aftonbladet award, which he nonchalantly drinks from Stanley Cup-style; The White Stripes perform "Fell In Love With a Girl."

Episode 116 - Rene Russo, Bob Sarlatte, The Chieftains
First Aired: March. 13,2002

Episode 115 - Regis Philbin, Andie MacDowell, Evelyn Glennie
First Aired: March. 12,2002

Episode 114 - Ray Romano, Jason Kidd
First Aired: March. 11,2002

Episode 113 - Cokie Roberts, Al Lubel
First Aired: March. 01,2002

Episode 112 - Tom Arnold, Nappy Roots
First Aired: February. 28,2002

Episode 111 - Stupid Human Tricks, Cher
First Aired: February. 27,2002

In honor of his recent nomination, Paul and the gang participate in a Grammy-themed edition of "Stump the Band;" during "Stupid Human Tricks," a fourteen-year-old girl performs "Feliz Navidad" with her nose; Cher sings "Song for the Lonely."

Episode 110 - Martin Short, Jack Hanna
First Aired: February. 26,2002

Episode 109 - Jill Bakken and Vonnetta Flowers, Kelsey Grammer, Alanis Morissette
First Aired: February. 25,2002

Episode 108 - Richard Dreyfuss, Jeff Foxworthy
First Aired: February. 22,2002

Episode 107 - Halle Berry, Jonny Moseley
First Aired: February. 21,2002

Episode 106 - Simon Ammann, Kevin Bacon
First Aired: February. 20,2002

Episode 105 - Casey FitzRandolph, Ashleigh Banfield
First Aired: February. 19,2002

Episode 104 - Ross Powers, Mila Kunis
First Aired: February. 18,2002

Episode 103 - Colin Farrell, Colin Quinn
First Aired: February. 15,2002

Episode 102 - Calista Flockhart, Incubus
First Aired: February. 14,2002

Episode 101 - Kelly Clark, Jeri Ryan
First Aired: February. 13,2002

Episode 100 - Denis Leary, India.Arie
First Aired: February. 12,2002

Episode 99 - Janet Jackson, Enrique Iglesias
First Aired: February. 11,2002

Stephanie makes her first report from Salt Lake City, in which she shows Dave a photo of her watching the opening ceremonies on TV; Dave can't stop staring at Janet Jackson's revealing outfit; Enrique Iglesias sings "Escape."

Episode 98 - Andy Richter, Jake Johannsen
First Aired: February. 08,2002

Episode 97 - Mariska Harkitay, George Divoky, Alan Jackson
First Aired: February. 07,2002

Episode 96 - Adam Vinatieri, Chris Matthews
First Aired: February. 06,2002

Episode 95 - Amy Brenneman, Martin Rees, Shakira
First Aired: February. 05,2002

Disgraced Enron CEO "Kenneth Lay" sits in with the band, and is later seen shredding songsheets.

Episode 94 - LL Cool J, John McEnroe
First Aired: February. 04,2002

Episode 93 - Regis Philbin, Steven Wright
First Aired: February. 01,2002

Episode 92 - Merv Griffin, Phantom Planet
First Aired: January. 31,2002

Episode 91 - Tim Russert, Jason Schwartzman
First Aired: January. 30,2002

Episode 90 - Bruce Willis, Ivan Neville
First Aired: January. 29,2002

Episode 89 - Jimmy Kimmell, Julie Bowen, Cracker
First Aired: January. 28,2002

Episode 88 - Darrell Hammond, Elayne Boosler, Willie Nelson & Lyle Lovett
First Aired: January. 18,2002

Episode 87 - Cynthia Nixon, Mario Andretti, Willie Nelson & Rob Thomas
First Aired: January. 17,2002

Episode 86 - David Brenner, Howie Long, Jewel
First Aired: January. 16,2002

Episode 85 - Cuba Gooding Jr., Jewel
First Aired: January. 15,2002

Episode 84 - Ethan Zohn, Josh Hartnett, Remy Zero
First Aired: January. 14,2002

Episode 83 - Tom Cruise, Tom Papa
First Aired: January. 11,2002

Episode 82 - Jack Black, Foo Fighters
First Aired: January. 10,2002

Episode 81 - Jennifer Connelly, Colin Soloway
First Aired: January. 09,2002

What's "New for the Office" in 2002? The items Dave introduces include a Jack Daniels water cooler and a color printer that makes flapjacks. Also, throughout the night, various people walk onstage and gripe about Dave in French, Turkish, Russian and Japanese.

Episode 80 - Cate Blanchett, Timothy Treadwell
First Aired: January. 08,2002

Episode 79 - Gwyneth Paltrow, Starsailor
First Aired: January. 07,2002

Episode 78 - Lauren Graham, Eddie Brill
First Aired: December. 28,2001

Episode 77 - Rudolph Giuliani, P.O.D.
First Aired: December. 27,2001

Episode 76 - Ian McKellan, Phil Simms
First Aired: December. 26,2001

Episode 75 - Peter Jennings, Tom Ryan
First Aired: December. 21,2001

Episode 74 - Marisa Tomei, Lenny Kravitz
First Aired: December. 20,2001

Episode 73 - Jamie Foxx, Rhys Ifans, Darlene Love
First Aired: December. 19,2001

Episode 72 - Kevin Spacey, Jerome Bettis, Jane Monheit
First Aired: December. 18,2001

Episode 71 - Meg Ryan, Diana Krall
First Aired: December. 17,2001

Episode 70 - Michelle Pfeiffer, Dennis Regan
First Aired: December. 14,2001

Episode 69 - Kid Scientists, Liv Tyler, Cake
First Aired: December. 13,2001

Episode 68 - Andy Garcia, Chris Matthews
First Aired: December. 12,2001

Episode 67 - Mariah Carey, Elijah Wood, Stereophonics
First Aired: December. 11,2001

Episode 66 - Ellen DeGeneres, Dave Gorman, Kelly Goldsmith
First Aired: December. 10,2001

Episode 65 - Jada Pinkett Smith, Thomas Friedman
First Aired: November. 30,2001

Episode 64 - Julia Stiles, Jeff Gordon
First Aired: November. 29,2001

Episode 63 - Noah Wyle, George Miller, Carole King
First Aired: November. 28,2001

Episode 62 - George Clooney, Martha Stewart
First Aired: November. 27,2001

Episode 61 - Kelly Ripa, Mort Sahl
First Aired: November. 26,2001

Episode 60 - Ray Romano, Mitch Hedberg
First Aired: November. 23,2001

Episode 59 - David Sedaris, Five for Fighting
First Aired: November. 22,2001

Episode 58 - Jenna Elfman, Kid Rock
First Aired: November. 21,2001

Episode 57 - Julia Roberts, Shelby Lynne
First Aired: November. 20,2001

Episode 56 - Kevin James, Deion Sanders
First Aired: November. 19,2001

Episode 55 - Richard Harris, George Carlin
First Aired: November. 16,2001

Episode 54 - Steve Martin, Earl Scruggs
First Aired: November. 15,2001

Episode 53 - Harry Connick Jr., Bernie Mac
First Aired: November. 14,2001

Episode 52 - Barbara Walters, David Radcliffe, Natalie Merchant
First Aired: November. 13,2001

Episode 51 - Martin Lawrence, Natalie Merchant
First Aired: November. 12,2001

Episode 50 - Richard Dreyfus, Brett Butler
First Aired: November. 09,2001

Episode 49 - Stupid Pet Tricks, Vince Vaughn, Faith Evans
First Aired: November. 08,2001

Episode 48 - Marge Helgenberger, Gil de Ferran, Lyle Lovett
First Aired: November. 07,2001

Episode 47 - Billy Crystal, Brittany Spears
First Aired: November. 06,2001

Episode 46 - Jack Black, Tony Bennett
First Aired: November. 05,2001

Episode 45 - John Travolta, Harland Williams
First Aired: November. 02,2001

Episode 44 - Tom Brokaw, Gene Catron
First Aired: November. 01,2001

Episode 43 - Kevin Spacey, Amy Sedaris
First Aired: October. 31,2001

Episode 42 - David Spade, Marv Albert, Laurie Anderson
First Aired: October. 30,2001

Episode 41 - David Hyde Pierce, U2
First Aired: October. 29,2001

Episode 40 - Kevin Kline, Richard Holbrooke, Caroline Rhea
First Aired: October. 19,2001

Episode 39 - John McCain, Brittany Murphy, Macy Gray
First Aired: October. 18,2001

Episode 38 - Ethan Hawke, Judith Miller, Quincy Jones
First Aired: October. 17,2001

Episode 37 - Jack Hannah, Justin Long, Daniel Rodriguez
First Aired: October. 16,2001

Episode 36 - Steve Kroft, Bruce McCall, John Mellencamp
First Aired: October. 15,2001

Episode 35 - Rose McGowen, Sarah Vowell, Jim Gaffigan
First Aired: October. 12,2001

Episode 34 - Bruce Willis, Cody Arens, Alicia Keys
First Aired: October. 11,2001

Out of the blue, Dave compliments the New York State Police, but Paul smells a rat. Dave claims he wasn't pulled over again. Meanwhile, Bruce Willis plays "drums" with his head and 7-year-old child actor Cody Arens plugs Riding in Cars with Boys.

Episode 33 - Nathan Lane, Cokie Roberts
First Aired: October. 10,2001

Episode 32 - Tom Cavanagh, Steve Hartman, Leona Naess
First Aired: October. 09,2001

Episode 31 - Farrah Fawcett, Tina Fey, Garbage
First Aired: October. 08,2001

Episode 30 - Joshua Jackson, Tiki Barber, Emo Phillips
First Aired: October. 05,2001

Alan gives dating tips; Joshua Jackson promotes the upcoming season premiere of "Dawson's Creek;" Emo Philips does a stand-up routine on Dave's show for the first time since 1989.

Episode 29 - Owen Wilson, Lisa Ling, Ryan Adams
First Aired: October. 04,2001

Paul composes a song about people that look like Burt Reynolds; Owen Wilson plugs Zoolander.

Episode 28 - John Cusack, Grant Paulsen, Joe Strummer
First Aired: October. 03,2001

During "What's the Deal With Old Guys and Enormous Glasses?" Dave wears a 70's-era pair of specs; John Cusack promotes Serendipity.

Episode 27 - Kate Beckinsale, Chris Kattan, Sarah Harmer
First Aired: October. 02,2001

Episode 26 - Elton John, Steve Zahn
First Aired: October. 01,2001

Episode 25 - Jason Alexander, Don Zimmer, Wyclef Jean
First Aired: September. 28,2001

Episode 24 - Hillary Clinton, Cast of '42nd Street'
First Aired: September. 27,2001

Episode 23 - Thomas Von Essen, Ben Stiller, Tenacious D
First Aired: September. 26,2001

Episode 22 - Marcia Gay Harden, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Pete Yorn
First Aired: September. 25,2001

Episode 21 - Rudolph Giuliani, Katie Harmon
First Aired: September. 24,2001

Dave welcomes national hero Rudy Guiliani to the show for the first time since the WTC disaster.

Episode 20 - Merideth Viera, Stephen Ambrose, Sheryl Crow, Emmylou Harris, and Gillian Welch
First Aired: September. 21,2001

Episode 19 - Walter Cronkite, Will Ferrell, Jewel
First Aired: September. 20,2001

Episode 18 - Matthew Broderick, John Miller, Odetta & The Boys Choir of Harlem
First Aired: September. 19,2001

Episode 17 - Bryant Gumbel, Denis Leary, Tori Amos
First Aired: September. 18,2001

Episode 16 - Dan Rather, Regis Philbin
First Aired: September. 17,2001

In the first show following the terrorist destruction of the World Trade Center, Dave welcomes CBS anchorman Dan Rather and Regis Philbin.

Episode 15 - Eugene Levy, Rich Hall
First Aired: September. 07,2001

Episode 14 - Tim Robbins, Amy Sedaris, Jimmy Eat World
First Aired: September. 06,2001

Episode 13 - Carson Daly, US Marine Corps
First Aired: September. 05,2001

Episode 12 - David Schwimmer, Bjork
First Aired: September. 04,2001

Episode 11 - Tom Arnold, Brandi Chastain, Ralph Stanley & The Whites
First Aired: September. 03,2001

Episode 10 - Helen Fielding, Al Lubel
First Aired: August. 31,2001

Episode 9 - Sarah Jessica Parker, John Witherspoon
First Aired: August. 30,2001

Mayor Guiliani interrupts Dave's monologue; Sarah Jessica Parker promotes "Sex & the City."

Episode 8 - Charles Grodin, Michael Franti & Spearhead
First Aired: August. 29,2001

Episode 7 - Jason Biggs, Daniel Tosh, Etta James
First Aired: August. 28,2001

Episode 6 - Connie Chung
First Aired: August. 27,2001

Dave points out that Tony Mendez is mentioned in this week's "Talk of the Town" column in The New Yorker. Later, Jude Brennan makes her last appearance as the bitchy "Mrs. Letterman."

Episode 5 - Eric Kraff, Goran Ivanisevic
First Aired: August. 24,2001

Episode 4 - Brooke Shields, John McEnroe, Joe Henry
First Aired: August. 23,2001

Episode 3 - National Hollerin' Champions, Julia Stiles, Habib Koite & Bamada
First Aired: August. 22,2001

Episode 2 - Bob Newhart, Maxwell
First Aired: August. 21,2001

Episode 1 - Will Ferrell, Tom Dreesen
First Aired: August. 20,2001

Dave announces that instead of "whatever," from now on he will be saying "wherever"; during a segment called "While We Were Out," the male staff members commemorate a minor design change on the stage by sitting in Dave's chair buck naked; Will Ferrell makes a threating message in song to Barbra Streisand.


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