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The Grudge

The Grudge (2004)

October. 22,2004
| Horror Thriller Mystery

An American nurse living and working in Tokyo is exposed to a mysterious supernatural curse, one that locks a person in a powerful rage before claiming their life and spreading to another victim.


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We can learn many things of these Genres. I've forgotten most of my funny fears after watching these genres. I think someone who wants to be a great person must get released of his or her fears and fight for his or her goals.


It's ok - some creepy images here and there, but overall seemed more silly than scary. cool effects though.


This a remake of a Japan movie. The Japan movie from 2002 was awful and this remake is worst. I can't believe the director of Evil dead made this movie. I think it is hilarious that people are scared of this stupid movie. The Scream movies most have made them pooh there pants. Good actor wasted there talent being in this movie. Get special effects. Awful story line. Man kills his cat and his wife and son. So they ghost come back to kill every one. That is so stupid. It is not scary. This is not scary. It is an overrated pile of pooh. People think it is so smart because it is based one a foreign film. I can think of foreign films I like and it is not just because there foreign films and not from the U.S.A. There are a lot of U.S.A teen horror films that a really scary. And if you are really scared of this overrated crap. Then I can see why you don't like teen horror movies because they make you pee your pants


Working in Japan, an American health-care worker discovers the home of her latest charge is the site of a terrible, ghostly curse and tries to stop it before it consumers her friends and co-workers.There's a lot to really like with this one as it gets a lot of right throughout here. One of the biggest issues, though, is the fact that as a remake it really doesn't do anything to help the story told from the original so that can hold this one down somewhat. By keeping the familiar story and the jump scenes along the way, this can make for a trying time here by being too similar for its own good and not really having a whole lot really changed in terms of fixing the storyline or the different plot points within this. Still, this familiarity does manage to bring about many positives including a far better pace than the original. There's far more life to the non-attack scenes and the burgeoning mystery about the ghosts within the house keep this one moving so it doesn't feel as though it takes a long time to get going or even between scenes. When the attacks really start coming in earnest throughout here, this becomes all the more enjoyable by building off such a solid foundation with those intriguing non-attacks keeping the film going. Likewise, those attack are quite enjoyable on their own merits as incredibly entertaining and chilling encounters, most notably the numerous encounters inside the house from the first encounter with the ghost inside the bedroom, the encounter in the bathtub as well as the flashback to the previous owner and the utterly fun finale that has a lot going for it by mixing action with the chills so well. That the other attacks outside the house are rather well done is another plus, from the office building ambush to the hotel encounter and to the spectacular encounter at the office with the deformed ghost makes for a rather solid series of encounters here to make this quite fun. The only place this stumbles is the final half-hour by detailing an affair that really drags this to a halt instead of charging through into a furious finale, not to mention really lowering the impact of the curse by putting too much background into it. That does manage to lower this one somewhat, but it's still got enough here to really make a big impact.Rated PG-13: Violence and Language.