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Meet the Robinsons

Meet the Robinsons (2007)

March. 30,2007
| Animation Comedy Family

Lewis, a brilliant young inventor, is keen on creating a time machine to find his mother, who abandoned him in an orphanage. Things take a turn when he meets Wilbur Robinson and his family.


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With Christmas coming up I started searching round for an animated DVD that a friend could enjoy watching over the X-Mas season.Going to a local fate,I spotted a table with a DVD of what looked like an overlooked Disney title,which led to me getting ready to meet the Robinsons.The plot:Left on the footsteps of an orphanage in a box by his mum,Lewis spends his life wondering about who his mum is.Being turned down (along with his roommate Michael "Goob" Yagoobian) by every potential parent,Lewis decides to invent a machine which can open up his memories,so that he can remember what his mum looked like.Building the device,Lewis decides to take it to a science fare being held the school.Just before Lewis starts the machine up,a strange man appears from out of the shadows and tampers with it. Disappointed about his machine not working,Lewis discovers all that has taken place when he meets Wilbur Robinson,who tells Lewis that he is from the future,and has come in a time machine due to needing Lewis help to stop the strange man.View on the film:Caught up in production troubles which led to it being changed from a planned live action flick into an animated movie,and 60% of the story being re-written just 10 months before it was to hit screens,co-writer/(along with Jon Bernstein/Michelle Bochner Spitz/Don Hall/Nathan Greno/Aurian Redson & Joseph Mateo) voice actor/director Stephen J. Anderson spins a bright,bold Sci-Fi Drama,which along with offering a shining glimpse of the future,also features consistent visual themes which keep the behind the scenes issues hidden from view.Opening up the darkest moments in Lewis past with stylish black and white flashbacks,Anderson unleashes the Sci- Fi set-pieces with a gleeful mood,as dazzling primary colour hues of greens,whites and purples are splatted around the solid block designed characters,as Lewis finds himself beginning to think about everything he has in the present.Lobbying to work on the title due to having been adopted himself,Anderson (who also gives a splendid performance as the boo- hiss baddie) impressively makes sure that his voice is heard loud and clear over the backstage issues.Keeping secrets hidden from view,the writers deliver superbly handled surprises across the time travelling twists,which along with cleverly offering up an entirely different view of the "baddie",also gradually wraps a sweet sense of optimism around Lewis,as Lewis gets lost in space with the Robinsons.

Charles Herold (cherold)

This energetic but rather forgettable movie is nicely animated and has a fairly interesting story, but it's not especially funny. If you're expecting something as good as The Incredibles or Up then you won't get it.It strikes me as a good movie for kids. There's a lot of running around and a focus on the sort of antic humor that seems to appeal more to kids than adults. It's a very broad sort of humor. Had I seen this movie when I was ten, I think I probably would have enjoyed it a great deal. But for an adult, I wouldn't say this is a great choice. Although if you like broad, antic humor, perhaps age is not a consideration.


Young Lewis, the struggling scientist attempts to create his own memory scanner, in order to draw out the long-forgotten memories of the mother he no longer remembers. Now living in a state-run orphanage, Lewis begins the progress and after many attempts, fails his creation. Suddenly Wilbur, an odd boy who claims he's from the future whisks him up, and they journey to the forthcoming dimension. Once there, Lewis meets Wilbur eccentric and dysfunctional family, who attempt to make him release his true potential.I love this film to this day. I am not always the most objective viewer, I tend to see things from a child's perspective, and instead I miss any "goofs" that others will later inform me of. However, the best quality this film has to offer is it's sense of humor, it's so rich and vibrant yet quirky. While it does not feature a performance like David Spade's in The Emperor New Groove, its unparalleled in the sense that it's just all-out goofy. This sense of humor may not appeal to the (adult) masses, it does to children, and anyone who is a child at heart. Another wonderful element is the morals of working towards goals and dreams even when you the odds are against you. To me, it always felt kind of like Back to the Future meets Tomorrowland in a shockingly interesting way. The creative elements used to engineer this future world are magical and I myself wouldn't mind taken a trip there.


From beginning of the movie, I never know it's about "Back to The Future". I just follow the plot and found the story is brilliant and inspiring. The 3D motion is either, perfect and flawless.I mostly like the quote, "Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths". This movie keeps me in line to create many things. Just like the motto, "Keep moving forward".The second, I like the OST by Rob Thomas, Little Wonders. It suits the story line. I expect this movie won't be expire for couple years later.