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Aliens in the Attic

Aliens in the Attic (2009)

July. 31,2009
| Adventure Fantasy Comedy Science Fiction

A group of kids must protect their vacation home from invading aliens.


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Loser Thomas Pearson is sent to a house in Albany with his family for the summer. During a storm, he and his cousin, jake meet 4 aliens who apparently do not come in peace and attack them. In order to get rid of them, they trust one and team up with Hannah, Bethany, and every other kid in tom's family to kill or at least get rid of the monsters and return home safely. Aliens in the Attic will be a huge hit with small children below the age of 10 but for older kids and definitely their parents? It will feel like a boring made for tv film with alot of genre cliches and bad cgi.


I'm surprised at how many negative comments people made about this movie, it wasn't bad at all, sure it had it's cheesy moments, but doesn't every movie? It is a fun filled family movie that is fun, funny, and exciting.The Pearson's are on a family vacation, and Tom Pearson is not looking forward to spending time with his wacked out, messed up family. His older sister is miss prissy with a boyfriend who is lying to her and is a complete jerk, his parents are controlling and not understanding, and he knows he will be completely bored out of his mind on this vacation. But that all changes when actual space aliens crash land on his vacation and want world domination. Aliens in the Attic is fun, I love the humor in it. I especially love how the jerk of a boyfriend is mind controlled through the whole thing. And I love the video game references such as Halo mentioned in it. My ultimate favorite part is when the Grandma (Nanna) and the Jerk Boyfriend (Ricky) face off in a video game style battle towards the end. I laughed so hard at that part. Don't listen to the negative comments people have to say about this film, it is fun. It is a kids movie, but adults like me are sure to enjoy it. It can be scary for kids, but is is more of a funny type scary. Watch it with some friends or family it makes it all the more fun. The reason I give this a 9/10 is because Ashley Tisdale is in it. I really don't enjoy her or her music but that doesn't stop me from liking this film. All in all it was fun and entertaining, a sequel would be cool, but the first one was good enough.9/10 for Aliens in the Attic


My kids and I really enjoyed this movie. We've probably watched it 6 or 7 times. It still makes us laugh. I decided to rate it since it had such bad ratings. When you have children you really look at kid movies differently. Children like to watch movies again and again. So you have to hope it's something you don't mind watching. Some of the movies are so boring or they have parents dying or are just scary. This movie was just fun. I can't believe people are expecting a logical plot from this type of movie.The child actors in this movie all do a great job. The aliens are goofy and silly. The teenage sister and her boyfriend are annoying. But that's okay. The writing is okay. The parents are as dumb as parents usually are in this type of movie. Nana is hilarious.

Neil Welch

Tom is a put-upon teenager. Always in Dad's bad books, at odds with sister Bethany and her boyfriend Ricky (who is nice as pie to Mom and Dad, but horrible to Tom), he hates having to go with them on holiday to a lakeside house with his uncle and domineering cousin (plus hi young sister and cousin twins). The awfulness continues as the holiday starts and then gets worse as the holiday house turns out to be the destination of a small alien invasion advance party. And small is the key word - these guys are barely shin high, but they are incredibly aggressive. Tom knows nobody will believe him, but it turns out all the kids (except Bethany) have to join together to combat the aggressors, especially when it turns out that the aliens can fire a dart which makes people from Ricky's age upwards (which excludes the kids) controllable via a video game controller.This is essentially a kids' film, although I watched it with my wife - she is nearly 62 and I am her 59 year old toyboy - and we laughed out loud frequently. There are no big surprises, but the script is constantly amusing, and there is some wonderful slapstick and physical humour, especially from Robert Hoffman as boyfriend Ricky - he is very funny in an impressive performance.And the CGI aliens are very well designed, animated, and integrated into the live action, as well as having some solid voice talent on board.