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Apartment 1303 3D

Apartment 1303 3D (2013)

July. 25,2013
| Horror

A woman uncovers sinister secrets while investigating the apparent suicide of her sister.


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Kat Kit

My one and only true past time is to just sit and watch horror movies, and I have nearly never found one that I disliked or found that the acting was in poor taste. I even enjoyed the movie Smiley, which many others disliked. But this movie is a tragic fail, I don't know why I watched it to the end but it was awful, the actors were poor, it was not scary at all, the plot/storyline didn't make sense and was awful, an incredibly boring horror to be honest. Their was a lot of plot holes in this as well, for example; (WARNING:SPOLIERS) At the end when you find out that the small kid, Emily and the fat perverted old man who also live in the flats are also ghosts, it never explains how they die or why their deaths are not documented, it just makes no sense. Theirs random scenes in the movie, that do not need to be there, again (SPOLIERS) when the ghost is sat in the sink covered in blood, or when theirs a hanging body in a bag that may of supposedly been creating a bad smell? The movie just doesn't make sense and it simply poorly showed. The only reason its a 2 out of 10 and not a 1 is because they at least made it so you understood the storyline and why apartment 1303 is dangerous...(even though they showed that poorly too) I hate writing negative reviews on movies, but this one is a strong exception. I would not recommend watching this.


First of all I want to make a point about Rebecca De Mornay. I really like her and I think she is a great actress and I kinda feel sorry for her in relation to this movie, because all the scenes she is in are the only good scenes, but every other scene is crap, so she probably didn't know what she was signing up for. Luckily she still manages to deliver a solid performance, however that is where the good points end. Every other cast member is a bad actor, especially the actress who plays Janet (who appears to be the main character but randomly dies half an hour into the movie). Julianne Michelle, who plays Janet, has got to be one of the worst actresses ever and the scene where her character dies was one of my favourites; not because it was good but because I didn't have to listen to her utter another damn word. Anyway, on with the other bad things... the screenplay is absolutely stupid, the story is one of the most un-original i've ever heard (ooh, someone died in an apartment and now makes new residents commit suicide, where have I heard that before). The characters are uninteresting and one-dimensional (except for Rebecca De Mornay's), the CGI is awful, and there is so much of it , even when it's unnecessary e.g. the apartment building, the view from the balcony of 1303, the bath water (grrrrrr). I dread to think what the 3D version of this movie is like. This movie has no redeeming qualities. Finally, after watching this movie, I tried to think of things in it that allowed me to be glad about the fact that I watched it. All I could come up with was that I now know that Rebecca De Mornay can sing (and is great at it) and that she can still deliver a great performance when under the worst direction and working with the worst supporting cast/screenplay. (Do Not Watch This Movie)


I started watching this movie by accident and thought because Mischa and DeMornay were part of the cast that it would have potential - but I was sooo horribly wrong.I've made it through worse quality movies, the directing and writing weren't the most horrible I've sat through but Mischa Barton's acting was by far - the most appalling I've seen in a long, long time. Let's put it this way - you could put some of her acting/reading lines next to an untrained 5 year old and probably yield better results. AWFUL.DO not waste your time unless you want to poke fun at what terrible acting looks like. Then by all means, watch away. I do that from time to time with Mark Wahlberg in The Happening. LOL :)


There is a reason some remakes do not work (though I had no idea this was one, until I checked on IMDb to write this review). So while I can't compare this with the original, I know that the filmmakers saw something in it. And the idea is not bad at all. The movie itself sometimes also does have some nicely set up shots. You might even be scared once (or twice).But while you may be fond of the actors involved, this should not be included in their portfolio. Especially the scenes where they are talking to themselves. Not cool and not necessary and yet we find ourselves annoyed by it so many times. The script was either weak to begin with or they made it that way, whatever the case, this movie should be avoided