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Forever (2015)

October. 27,2015
| Drama Thriller Romance

An investigative reporter finds the will to live again after discovering an enigmatic commune.


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I didn't really have any idea what to expect from this film. I actually watched it to see if the chemistry Deborah Ann Woll and Luke Grimes exhibited in True Blood would carry over into this other project they did together (answer: Definitely!). But I was surprised that this film had a central theme that will leave you thinking about it long after the film has ended. Woll does a nice job of largely carrying the movie, even though her character of Alice doesn't always seem to be well defined. I've watched this film more then once, and I'm still not entirely sure what her purpose was in finding this place, why she wanted to stay, and why she almost went through with what takes place as the film draws to a close. Strangely enough, Luke Grimes' Charlie makes far more sense, though his character does develop rapidly and sometimes confusingly. Although once his backstory is revealed, maybe some of that can be explained. Their romance is nearly instantaneous, and thats problematic. The fact that it works at all is a testament to Woll and Grimes palpable connection. There are some very interesting supporting actors in this film that make vivid impressions with paper thin characters. The atmosphere of the film, the music, the cinematography all hint at perhaps bigger things to come for writer/director Tatia Pilieva. But for what its worth, I recommend people give this one a view.


My overall impression of the film is that it is mainly the very strong acting that kept me interested and emotionally involved. Deborah Ann Woll is to me absolutely convincing as Alice, right from the beginning of the film. Although we know next to nothing about her and her boyfriend, the shocking opening scenes including Woll's touching breakdown made me feel and identify with her. But I also liked that the first sequences already introduce some of the other characters and their back stories, rather than focusing on Alice alone.The story that evolves after that to me felt OK but kind of jumpy. Alice's sudden journey and her motives for that are not really explained. Does she consider this a work project or a totally private matter? A mixture of both? To leave this open for interpretation is probably intentional but left me irritated. Same goes for her reasons not to tell who she is when she arrives.Alice's affair with Charlie starts very sudden and I would have liked to see a bit more development here, especially in Charlie's attitude towards her. It basically changes from spiteful rejection to love within seconds.The final sequence involving the beds and the fire - although I liked the idea in itself - to me also came quite sudden. Alice's and Charlie's departure felt rushed, too. So, overall, I feel like a bit more time, character development, explanation and/or interaction would have been good for the film.The being said, I want to state again that Deborah Ann Woll carried this film and made Alice's journey believable. The supporting cast is strong, too. Luke Grimes is a good as Charlie, the aforementioned sudden change of attitude is not his fault. Since I have seen him in "Fringe", I always enjoy watching Seth Gabel who makes you really wonder here how such a sweet, likable guy could have killed a friend - a good example of the evil side that's part of all of us. John Diehl and Jill Larson both are perfect for their roles, too. The others do not get that much to do but it's a great ensemble overall.Last but not least, both the idyllic summer landscape imagery and the dreamlike music contribute a lot to the coherent atmosphere of the film.Overall rating: 7/10


It was a great movie. A nice and a different story. Its depicting the pain in life, its depth and the message to move on. Life can bring happiness to U, no matter what happened in your past. Great concept with a lovely message. Enjoyed the acting of cast. Superb. All must see. Improve the rating too because some people watch the movie just by watching its higher rating. Hope the message touches everyone's hearts. Enjoy.I wish all the couples see it.The acting of charlie and Alice was superb.This story shows a small portion of every bodies life because nobody lives a perfect life and no one stays forever.I have seen people in pain and getting difficulties to cope with harsh realities of life.


First of all I will say that I am no movie critic and I don't have the skills of those who can find the right arguments in order to make a review that can be considered of the specialists as "passable". But then, how many of us, the viewers, can say that they possess the right arguments to defend or deconstruct a movie? This is a movie about love and loss, about finding your way out, about believing in second chances and being the referee of your life. When it comes to having lived things that you haven't even thought possible, when your life seems to get to a halt, when you believe there is no way out, there is always one. And hope is always a part of it. Just believe...